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9810_LukeLowings_October_3rd_022LL_med.jpgDuring the 2014 GAS Conference in Chicago, the Glass Art Society announced a new initiative that will become a regular feature of upcoming GAS conferences. Technology Advancing Glass (TAG) is aimed to assist the advancement of the glass arts by providing an annual research grant to an artist or group of artists to fund research into new materials, techniques, making methods, or applications of technology that will generally advance the field of art made with glass.

The idea behind this program follows the worldwide educational trend that combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) with the Arts (STEAM) in the hope that it will accelerate the development of new expressive forms. Project proposals are open for ideas such as: new materials, production techniques, safe shipping techniques, new tools, adhesives, ways to create glass sculpture animated with electronics… and beyond, limited only by the imagination of our artists. Applicants must provide a clear and detailed description of their proposed project that includes ways in which the project may benefit the field of glass art, as well as a proposed timeline and budget. The only additional requirement is to share this knowledge with the GAS membership at a subsequent GAS conference.

MIT3DP1web.jpgThe TAG Grant has been made possible through a generous donation by longtime glass collectors and supporters of GAS, Ted and Melissa Lagreid. The couple approached GAS with the desire to do something to help the glass arts community at large. A GAS Committee of interested members then decided to create an annual grant program and a competition to receive the grant. Committee members include Rik Allen, Peter Houk, Ted Lagreid and Wayne Strattman.

Completed applications must be submitted online through the GAS website by July 31, 2014.  A total of up to $5,000 will be awarded for 2014 TAG Grant awardees for the 2014-15 Fiscal Year (Oct. 2014 - Sept. 2015). You must be a current member of GAS in order to be eligible for the grant. The TAG committee will evaluate the applications over the summer and announce the winner in the fall.

Images: (top) James Carpenter, Glass Tube Field - Tower Place, London; (above) prototyping a hot glass 3D printing method at MIT



1. Download all of the following documents:





  • Must be a member of the Glass Art Society when application is submitted, and if selected, agree to maintain membership for three consecutive years upon receipt of the grant.
  • If chosen for the grant, you are required to give a presentation on the completed project at a future GAS Conference or other event within three years following the receipt of the grant. This includes a written summary of project findings that may be published in the annual GAS Journal. Travel to and accommodations during the conference are the responsibility of the presenter.
  • All applications must be submitted in English
  • Each proposal must be submitted with a completed application form as either a word doc or pdf file, along with applicable images, resumes, etc.
  • All submissions meeting these requirements will be reviewed by the TAG Grant Committee



Go to www.glassart.org/Applications_Submissions.html listed under the Events menu

  1. Click on View Active Calls and Create your Submission or Application
  1. Anyone submitting must LOGIN
  • Current or Expired GAS Members AND those that have already signed up as a Submitter:
    Login and view the Active Calls. (using your email address and password.)
  • Those without a login must Register to become a Submitter:
    Register by entering your contact info and creating a password. After continuing to your profile you may edit it or Logout to return to the Login page and use the "Login and view the Active Calls" link.
  1. Click on the category you want to submit: 2014 TAG Grant Proposals
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on NEW SUBMISSION.
  1. Title your submission in the following manner “2014 TAG Grant_ FirstLast_Title of your project
  1. Upload one file at a time by clicking NEW FILE, then the BROWSE/CHOOSE FILE button, select the file from your computer, then click SUBMIT to upload it.
  1. Continue to add NEW FILE until you have uploaded all required. You can also MODIFY your application and any uploaded files if needed.
  1. After you have uploaded all of your files click the FINISH link to submit your application.

Once submitted your application will need to be reviewed and approved by GAS staff to ensure all files were uploaded properly and are visible. Once approved the jurors will be able to review your application submission.


Contact us at 206.382.1305 or  in case of problems.



The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.