Cappy Thompson

Cappy Thompson

CappyThompson_Portrait_web.jpgCappy Thompson is an internationally acclaimed Seattle artist known for her mytho-poetic narratives on glass using the grisaille painting technique. Her pieces are in collections worldwide, including those of the Corning Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art Museum, Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, and Microsoft Corporation. Her public commissions include large-scale installations at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Evergreen State College, and Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. A recipient of an NEA fellowship and of Pilchuck’s John Hauberg Fellowship, she has also been artist in residence at Pilchuck and at Toyama City Institute. Thompson serves on the Bellevue Arts Museum Advisory Council and the Pilchuck Glass School’s Artistic Program Advisory Committee.

“Like the Medieval artists who painted on stained glass and the Greek artisans who painted clay pots,” says Thompson, “I paint pictorial narratives. My work is pulled in opposite directions by the panel and vessel forms. With a long history as a public art form, stained glass is an architectural medium that belongs to the collective. The vessel, on the other hand, exists on an intimate scale, relating to the individual in its form and function. This conflict finds expression in my work as a desire to communicate broadly on the one hand and an impulse to go deeply into the personal on the other.”

 Thompson has taught and lectured extensively. She is delighted to serve on the GAS Board.


Board of Directors (2011–2012)

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