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Evaluation Survey for the GAS 2011 Seattle Conference

"Creative Crossroads" - The 41st Annual Glass Art Society Conference

Overall value of the conference:

Meeting Friends & Colleagues
Professional Development
Total Conference Experience
Additional Comments (overall value)  

Were your professional goals and objectives met during the conference?

Please explain (objectives met)
Describe (goals met)  

What did you learn that you will put into use once you return to your studio?

Please explain (things learned to use in studio)

What is the main determining factor for your decision to attend a GAS conference?

(Please choose one)
Personal Growth & Development
Conference Location
Other (Specify):
Please explain (main factor attend conf)

Quality of Program: Lectures

Keynote Lecture (Derrick Cartwright)
Awards (Scott Benefield, Dagmar Brendstrup for Ann Wolff)
Willson, Labino, Strattman Lectures (Outlaw, Vandiver, Catalani)
Lectures - General
Additional Comments (quality lectures)  

Quality of Program: Lecmo's

Lec-mo's (Lectures on artist processes)
Poor Fair Average Good Excellent N/A
Additional Comments (quality lecmos)  

Quality of Program: Demonstrations

Demonstrations: flameworking & neon
Demonstrations: hot glass
University of Namseoul Students Hot / Flame Demonstrations
Demonstrations: coldworking
Demonstrations: vitreography
Additional Comments (quality demos)  

Quality of Program: Ongoing & Events

Day of Glass - Tacoma (Wed, June 1)
Day of Glass - Seattle (Wed, June 1)
Seattle Studios Tour (Wed, June 1)
Pre-Conference Reception at Chihuly Boathouse (Wed, June 1)
Opening Ceremony & Reception
Technical Display
Local Exhibitions / Gallery Hop
Education Resource Center, Q&A hour & Posters Presentations
Portfolio Review
Int. Student Exhibition
Goblet Grab
Silent Auction
Live Auction
Closing Night Party at Seattle Art Museum
Day of Glass - Everett, Schack Arts Center (Sun, June 5)
Pilchuck Glass School Tour (Sun, June 5)
Additional Comments (ongoing & events)  

Conference Logistics

Conference City - Seattle, WA
Venue - Sheraton Hotel
Venue - Washington State Convention Center (WSCC)
Venue - Pratt Fine Arts Center
Venue - Seattle Glassblowing Studio
Venue - Martin Blank Studio
ONLINE Pre-Registration Process
ONSITE Registration Process at Sheraton
Transportation (provided by GAS)
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Please rate the GAS staff year round and at the conference:

Additional Comments (GAS staff)  

Please rate the GAS Board of Directors year round and at the conference:

Additional Comments (GAS Board Directors)  

Printed Materials and Online Information:

2011 Pre-Conference Brochure (in color; mailed Nov 2010)
2011 Conference Program Book (in registration bag)
2010 Journal for Louisville, KY Conference (mailed April 2011)
GAS Website
Online Directory & Resource Guide
GASnews, our online newsletter
Additional Comments (Printed & Online info)  

Conference fees:

EARLY BIRD REG FEE: Dec 2010-April 1, 2011 ($255 Ind. / $135 FT Student)
PRE-CONFERENCE REG FEE: April 2-May 16, 2011 ($280 Ind. / $160 FT Student)
ONSITE REG FEE: June 1-4, 2011 ($305 Ind. / $185 FT Student)
DAY PASS REG FEE: ($120 per day Ind. / $75 per day FT Student)
WORK EXCHANGE REG FEE + 11-13 hours of work: ($140 Ind. / $40 FT Student)
COLLECTOR'S TOUR ($1250 for members, $1350 for non-members)
Seattle Studios Tour ($120)
Pre-Conference Reception fundraiser, Chihuly Boathouse ($175)
Day of Glass - Tacoma, Bus Transportaion Fee ($45)
Pilchuck Tour Only ($45)
Pilchuck Tour w/ Everett Schack Center stop ($45)
Additional Comments (conference fees)  

What was your favorite conference event or venue?

Please explain (favorite event)

What topics would you like covered at future GAS conferences?

Please explain (future topics)

Do you have any suggestions for presenters for future GAS conferences?

Please explain (presenter suggestions)

Did you find the Registration hours adequate?

Registration: Wednesday: noon-6pm; Thursday: 7am-4pm; Friday: 7am-4pm; Saturday: 7am-2pm)   

Did you find the Technical Display hours adequate?

Tech Display: Thursday: 8am-1pm; Friday: 8am-5pm; Saturday: 8am-4pm  

Did you find the AUCTION Drop-Off hours adequate?

Auction Drop-Off: Wednesday noon-5pm; Thursday 9am-noon; Friday 9am-noon  

Did you find the GOBLET GRAB Drop-Off hours adequate?

Goblet Grab Drop-Off: Wednesday noon-5pm; Thursday 9am-noon; Friday 8am-10:30am  

Did you find the INT. STUDENT EXHIBITION Drop-Off hours adequate?

Int. Student Exhibition Drop-Off: Wednesday noon-5pm; Thursday 9am-noon  

What type of pre-conference tour would you be inclined to join?

Check All that Interest You
Local art tours
Popular sites not necessarily related to art/glass
Food + Drink tours
Tours that go outside of the host city
Other (Specify):

Would you recommend the GAS conference to others?

Please explain (recommend conf)

What, if any, suggestions do you have for improvements to future GAS conferences?

Please explain (suggestions for improvement)

Do you plan to attend the conference next year in Toledo, OH, June 13-16, 2012?

42nd Annual Conference Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Studio Glass "Roots" in America
Yes Maybe No
Please explain (attend 2012)

Do you have any suggestions for locations of future conferences?

List the city, state and/or country and why it would be a great host to the conference

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