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How to submit

The Glass Art Society would like to invite its members to submit short, glass-related videos for our new video library. Suggested topics include:

• Artist demonstrations 
• How-to videos 
• Studio tours
• Lectures/panels on trending topics in glass

You must own the rights to any video that is submitted, and grant permission to the Glass Art Society for use on our website. Content will be reviewed and selected by the Digital Media Committee, and two new links will be added to the library each month. The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny video submissions from anyone for any reason. To submit a video, please send a short description, still image and link to Please DO NOT attach video files – links to YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites ONLY. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!


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Lively Lampworking

Bundhu Dunham-Lively Lampworking

Submitted by: Bandhu Dunham


Description: A brief documentary of a groundbreaking class at Penland, where students made a collaborative Rube Goldberg Machine out of glass.

Tunnel Installation 2012

Erin Dickson-TunnelSubmitted by: Erin Elizabeth Dickson


Description: The Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnel was my first experience of architectural phenomenology, which wasn’t connected to somewhere I had lived. I was taken to a lot of architecturally significant sites as a child and in contrast to the usual stately homes and castles; the TPCT had a very different atmosphere altogether.

On later visits I was again struck by how the tunnel manipulated my emotions by its distinctive architecture. The mixture of old and new (original tiling/ new strip lighting) coupled with the smells and sounds, mostly made by the tunnel itself, drew me time and again back to the site, even though I had no reason to use it for its intended purpose of crossing the river.

One thing that struck me the most was that at the centre of the tunnel a line distinguishes the crossing between the original Counties of Durham and Northumberland, a line on a map made physical. Walking through that line is an unusual experience. What if you stand on that line, are you nowhere? What If I put something else on that line, does that thing start to have its own set of physical rules?

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