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This month in the Marketplace:

Chrysler Museum Glass StudioCutting Edge ProductsEuclid KilnsGaffer Glass USA, Ltd.National TorchPittsburgh Glass CenterSkutt Kilns


Chrysler_Marketplace_Ad.jpgChrysler Museum Glass Studio

Glass Classes for All Levels / Free Daily Demos / Visiting Artist Series / Professional Development Assistantships / Residencies / Guest Instructors / Monthly Third Thursday Performance Evenings  


Cutting_Edge_Marketplace_Ad.jpgCutting Edge Products

In 1998, Jeff Lindsay established Cutting Edge Products and has dedicated himself to the evolution and production of tools for the glass artist. It is Jeff's experience and commitment to excellence that make Cutting Edge Products simply the best.


Euclid_Marketplace_Ad_2015.jpgEuclid Kilns

Euclid offers a wide range of top quality kilns for fusing, slumping, casting and annealing. Our unique construction allows for unlimited size for large scale operations.


Gaffer Glass logoGaffer Glass USA, Ltd.

Suppliers of Glassblowing Color, Casting Color, Lampworking Color, Veiled Cane, Frit Mixes, Red Hot Metal: Cutting Edge Tools, and Maruko Tools

877-395-7600 or 253-395-3361

National_Torch-1.jpgNational Torch

National Torch manufactures hand/bench torches, surface mix/pre-mix tips, regulators, & torch accessories for the working glass artist.  Our torches are designed to offer maximum versatility with the use of our tips, adapters, extensions, & elbows.


PGC_Marketplace_Ad.jpgPittsburgh Glass Center

Pittsburgh Glass Center is a state-of-the-art public access school, studio and gallery with facilities for hot, flame, kiln and cold working. Glass Art: We teach it. We create it. We promote it. We support those who make it.


Skutt-Image.jpgSkutt Kilns

Skutt Kilns has been manufacturing kilns for artists for over 60 years. We offer kilns and accessories for glass fusing, blowing, annealing, flame working…you name it! Come by our booth at the show and grab a free catalog.






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