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2016 Technical Display Vendors receive a free Marketplace ad through June 2016. Interested in advertising? Download the Reservation Form. For additional information, contact  or call 206-382-1305.


This month in the Marketplace:

Gaffer Glass USA, LTD. • National TorchPittsburgh Glass CenterSpectrum Glass/System 96

Gaffer Glass USA, LTD.Gaffer_Glass_2016.jpg

877.395.7600 or 253.395.3361

Suppliers of Glassblowing Color, Casting Color, Lampworking Color, Frit Mixes, Red Hot Metal: Cutting Edge Tools, and Maruko Tools.


National_Torch-1.jpgNational Torch


National Torch manufactures hand/bench torches, surface mix/pre-mix tips, regulators, & torch accessories for the working glass artist. Our torches are designed to offer maximum versatility with the use of our tips, adapters, extensions, & elbows.


Pittsburgh Glass Center


Pittsburgh Glass Center is a state-of-the-art public access school, studio, and gallery with facilities for hot, flame, kiln, and coldworking glass. GLASS ART: We teach it. We create it. We promote it. We support those who make it.

Spectrum_Glass_2016.jpgSpectrum Glass/System 96


The Nuggets®  Advantage:
Over 99% Yield • Paperweight Clear • No Dust • Non Toxic • Consistently
Stable • Broad Blowing-Color Compatibility

Choose from two formulas: System 96® and Premium 2.0





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