Past Student Scholarship Recipients

List of Past Student Scholarship Recipients

Past Student Scholarship Recipients


2002 - 2014 Student Scholarship Recipients

Each year, the Glass Art Society recognizes the achievements and potential of those members currently enrolled as full-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs. Applications are evaluated by a professional jury, and selected students are awarded scholarships so that they may attend the annual GAS conference in order to learn, connect, and grow as artists.

2014 Chicago

General: Morgan Chivers • Qiang Liu • Sarah Vaughn • Leah Waldo • Nao Yamamoto

Becky Winship Flameworking: Gabriel Greenlaw

Jurors: Matt Durran, Ruth King and David McFadden

2012 Toledo

General: Sean DonlonShawn Everett Riika Haapassari Alexander Hayden Namdoo Kim Aya Oki

Becky Winship Flameworking: Tom Zogas

Jurors: Deirdre Feeney, Judy Hill and Kim Mawhinney

2011 Seattle

General: Josh DeWall Ben Johnson Katelin Leidner Christopher McElroy Kathryn Wightman

Becky Winship Flameworking: Kelly McGarrigle

Jurors: Sally Prasch, David Reekie and Kait Rhoads

2010 Louisville

General: Clark DeCapite Karen Donnellan Jennifer Halvorson Alexandra Lozier Wil Sideman

Becky Winship Flameworking: Ayako Tani

Takako Sano International: Yi Peng

Jurors: Martin Beaver, Duane Reed and Sarah Traver

2009 Corning

General: Shaun Griffiths Kyoko Hirako Emer Lynch Kimberly McKinnis Nathan Nardi

Becky Winship Flameworking: Kristin Deady

Takako Sano International: Margareth Troli

Jurors: Scott Benefield, Karen LaMonte and Cappy Thompson


2008 Portland

General: Rebecca Arday Heike Brachlow Debra Ruzinsky Michael Stevenson Ben Wright

Becky Winship Flameworking: Eunsuh Choi

Takako Sano International: Armelle Bouchet

Ceramic and Glass Arts Foundation: Laurel Streible  Kazuki Takizawa

Jurors: Nicole Chesney, Steven Easton and Jim Reynolds


2007 Pittsburgh

General: Brenda Cunningham Amy Hunter Sung Soo Kim Weston Lambert Joanna Manousis Jacqueline Ost Minako Shirakura Anjali Srinivasan

Becky Winship Flameworking: Kyung-ok Choi

Takako Sano International: Itcho Matsuo

Jurors: Rik Allen, Shelley Muzylowski-Allen and Mark Zirpel


2006 St Louis

General: Shara Burrows Katrina Creyts Dominick Fiordimalva Rika Hawes Norie Kato Yuka Otani • Scott Shapiro Minako Shirakura

Becky Winship Flameworking: Kyung-Ok Choi

Takako Sano International: Yukako Kojima

Jurors: Rebecca Cummins


2005 Australia

General: Susan Clark Rachel Kaster Sally McCubbin Sean O'Neil

Becky Winship Flameworking: Niles Mahlman

Takako Sano International: Erika Tada

Jurors: Nadège Desgenétez, Lani McGregor and Richard Whiteley


2004 New Orleans

General: Kevin Busk Daniel Donegan Sarah Gilbert Eva Goodman Denise Ing Katie Maurer Joshua Tracy Hyeun-Jin Yang

Becky Winship Flameworking: Kristin Deady

Takako Sano International: Annette Blair

Jurors: Scott Chaseling, Tessa Clegg and Barbara McConchie


2003 Seattle

General: Alex Anagnostou Justin Chick Tanja Entwistle Karen Evans Hillary Faccio Mahine Rattonsey Timothy Ringsmuth Rachael Wong Khethwen Woo

Becky Winship Flameworking: Nadja Recknagel

Takako Sano International: Young-Chul Cho

Jurors: Robert Carlson, Charlie Parriott and Alice Rooney


2002 Amsterdam

General: Brian Alloway Anne Gant Penny Herscovitch Bill Jamieson Catherine Vamvakas Anjali Srinivasan Erika Tada Benjamin Wright

Takako Sano International: Masayo Odahashi

Jurors: Bonnie Biggs, Kate Elliott and Matthey Kangas



General GAS Student Scholarship: All eligible, full-time student members of GAS may apply for this award.

Takako Sano International Student Scholarship: Eligible, full-time student members of GAS living outside of the United States may apply for this award. This fund was established in honor of Takako Sano, co-chair of the 1998 GAS conference in Seto, Japan, and long-time supporter of GAS.

Becky Winship Flameworking Student Scholarship: Eligible, full-time student members of GAS using flameworking techniques may apply for this award. This scholarship is made possible through generous donations from David Winship and Lisa Bieber of Glasscraft, Inc.


The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.