Student Representative

Giving Students a Voice

The Glass Art Society Student Representative is a vital position on our Board of Directors and we encourage all eligible full-time student members in a degree seeking glass program to apply. Learn about the current Board of Directors.


Meet Jon Rees, a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, who served as the Student Rep from November 2013 - September 2014.

2014 Call for Self-Nominations

Application deadline - October 15th

Term spans November 2014 - June 2015.

Students interested in nominating themselves:

1. Ensure your Eligibility - Applicants must be a current full-time student enrolled in a college-level degree granting program that is focused in, but not restricted to, the field of glass at the time of application and for the duration of the term, as well as be a current GAS student member throughout.

2. Read the GAS Board Student Rep Requirements for Nomination & Job Description/Duties (click to download or read below).

3. Write a letter of intention explaining what you think you can offer to the Glass Art Society and how you think you could best serve the GAS student membership.
4. Submit your resume or CV.

5. Obtain two letters of recommendation.

All application materials may be emailed to Patty Cokus, Executive Assistant at
.  Recommendation letters may also be mailed to the GAS office by the deadline.

GAS Board Student Representative:
Requirements for Nomination, Job Description & Duties

Any nominee for the position of GAS Board Student Representative must be a student who is matriculated in a college-level degree-granting program that is focused in, but not restricted to, the field of glass and a current GAS student member. (Note: The student must be enrolled in a college program during their tenure on the Board.) It is recommended that the student has had a beginning relationship with GAS as his/her school's student liaison to the organization.  Also recommended is that the student represent a different school other than the previous year's student representative (currently Rochester Institute of Technology).

The post requires a minimum one-year commitment and a strong sense of responsibility for the duties the elected student is assigned. (The student may run for reelection for a potential maximum term of 3 years.)  Position runs from November 2014 – June 2015).  During the year, the student is expected to attend the Conference planning meeting and the Annual Conference (along with the other Board members), in addition to participating in the regular conference calls and the Board e-group dialogue.  Travel to the Conference planning meeting is paid for by GAS, however the student is responsible for his or her own travel and accommodation at the conference. 2015 San Jose, CA GAS Conference: June 5-7

Basically, the student representative functions as the primary intermediary (and liaison) between that part of the GAS membership that is comprised of students and the general membership (as represented by the standing board). Once on the Board, the student is placed on the Board's Education and Media Committees and works closely with the committees’ chairperson. Each committee meets monthly via teleconference or Skype. When possible, the incoming student representative will be mentored by the outgoing student member. The new student member is strongly encouraged to further develop his/her role on the Board as the position strives to identify and satisfy general student needs.


While on the Board, the student representative is assigned various duties (some of which are performed in tandem with other Education Committee members). Many of the responsibilities are in preparation for the annual conference:

1. The solicitation of one student liaison from each GAS member school.  The student rep. funnels all information about the conference, etc., through the liaison to interested students at each school. (This will require one letter of introduction to be written at the beginning of the school year, with a follow-up letter later.)
2. Communication through GASnews, the online GAS newsletter, about student-focused opportunities or interests. This includes writing both the Student Profile and School Profile in each issue. GASnews is a quarterly publication (4 issues per year = 8 articles around 600-700 words each).

3. Updating and utilizing the GAS Facebook and Twitter webpages with announcements about news, opportunities and questions of specific interest to students.

4. The organization of student demonstrations for the GAS conference. if applicable

5. Helping to organize, accept and display work for the International Student Exhibition at each conference.

6. General participation in and organization of the Portfolio Review, Education Resource Center, Poster Presentations and School Q&A hour at the conference.

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.