Student Scholarships

Funding to attend the Conference

Each year, the Glass Art Society recognizes the achievements and potential of those members currently enrolled as full-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs. Applications are evaluated by a professional jury, and selected students are awarded scholarships so that they may attend the annual GAS conference in order to learn, connect, and grow as artists.
Past recipients.

2014 Chicago Conference

Student scholarships awarded this year will provide financial support to assist eligible full-time student members of GAS in attending the 2014 Chicago Conference (March 19-22). GAS would like to thank the 2014 Jurors: Matt Durran, Ruth King and David McFadden.

2014 Student Scholarship recipients are revealed!


The Next Round

Who can apply for 2015?

Applicants and Award Recipients Must Meet All Requirements.

1. Current full-time student in an accredited degree-granting program.
2. Current Glass Art Society full-time student member through the 2015 conference.
3. Did not receive a GAS Student Scholarship in the last 3 years offered. (recipients from 2014, 2012 or 2011 are not eligible)



ShawnEverette_05_Americana_Illuminated.JPGGeneral Scholarships - $5,000 USD to be awarded as five awards of $1,000 each. All eligible full-time student members of GAS will be considered for this scholarship.

StuSchol_McGarrigle01.JPGBecky Winship Flameworking Scholarship - One award of $1,000 USD will be given. Eligible students whose work uses flameworking techniques will be considered for this scholarship, generously funded by David Winship of Glasscraft, Inc.

2012 recipient Shawn Everette; 2011 Winship recipient Kelly McGarrigle


How do I apply?


SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING BY DATE TBD. One application allows you to be considered for all scholarships, if eligible.

Title the file "SchoolName-YourName-2015StudentVerification.doc".

Add your current info and your current teacher's information to the form. Get your teacher's signature and scan the document (b/w is fine). This file is for Office Use Only and will not be viewed by the jurors so your full name should be listed on this form.


Title the file "YourInitials-2015StuScholApp.doc".

*** This is a blind jury, please do not add your name to the application form or images either in file names or in the documents.

Add the following to this word doc
- Thumbnails of your artwork images. If one of your artwork submissions is a video, please insert a still image from the video. (before inserting size to approximately 1.5" or 4cm)
- Image Descriptions (Title, Date, Dimensions, Materials & Technique, Best description for your work)
- Artist Statement (maximum 600 words)
- Description of why you would like to attend the 2015 conference (maximum 600 words)


*** ARTWORK IMAGES / VIDEOS: Five (5) maximum jpeg images, RGB, no larger than 7" tall or wide at 150 dpi, maximum 1MB. Label images in the following manner: "YourInitials_01_title of piece.jpg" , "YourInitials_02_title of piece.jpg" and so on.

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS - Maximum 5 minutes long. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. ***As this is a blind jury - please create a separate account using only your initials and not your full name. Must provide a 'View link' and an 'Embed link'.



Online Submissions due by DATE TBD
Review application information and have all 7 files (5 jpeg images and 2 word docs) completed, formatted and correctly labeled. Ready to Upload.
QUESTIONS? call 206-382-1305 (M-F 9-5 PST) or email
Go to 'Applications and Submissions' listed under the Events menu.
1.  Click on 'View Active Calls' to Create your Submission or Application'
2.  LOGIN using your email address and password. Anyone submitting must be a current GAS full-time student member. If your membership is not current you must Join or Renew before applying. Proof of student status is required.
3.   Click on '2015 Student Scholarship Applications to attend Chicago conference' link
4.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on NEW SUBMISSION
5.  Title your submission in the following manner "YourInitials-2015StuScholApp"
6.  Upload one file at a time by clicking NEW FILE, then the BROWSE/CHOOSE FILE button, select the file from your computer, then click SUBMIT to upload it.
7.  Continue to add NEW FILE until you have uploaded all required (7 total). You can also MODIFY your application and any uploaded files if needed.
8.  After you have uploaded all 7 of your files click the FINISH link to submit your application.

Once submitted your application will need to be reviewed to ensure all files were uploaded properly, then approved by GAS staff which then allows the jurors to view your application submission.

Past Student Scholarship Recipients 2007-present

2014: Morgan Chivers •  Gabriel Greenlaw (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship)

2012: Sean Donlon, Jr.Shawn Everett Riika Haapassari Alexander Hayden Namdoo Kim Aya Oki Tom Zogas (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship)

2011: Josh DeWall Ben Johnson Katelin Leidner Christopher McElroy Kathryn Wightman Kelly McGarrigle (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship)

2010: Clark DeCapite, Jr. Karen Donnellan Jennifer Halvorson Alexandra Lozier Wil Sideman Ayako Tani (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship) Yi Peng (Takako Sano International Student Scholarship)

2009: Shaun Griffiths Kyoko Hirako Emer Lynch Kimberly McKinnis Nathan Nardi Kristin Deady (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship) Margareth Troli (Takako Sano International Student Scholarship)

2008: Rebecca Arday Heike Brachlow Debra Ruzinsky Michael Stevenson Ben Wright Eunsuh Choi (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship) Armelle Bouchet (Takako Sano International Student Scholarship) Laurel Streible (Ceramic and Glass Arts Foundation Student Scholarship) Kazuki Takizawa (Ceramic and Glass Arts Foundation Student Scholarship)

2007: Brenda Cunningham Amy Hunter Sung Soo Kim Weston Lambert Joanna Manousis Jacqueline Ost Minako Shirakura Anjali Srinivasan Kyung-ok Choi (Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship) Itcho Matsuo (Takako Sano International Student Scholarship)



General GAS Scholarship: All eligible, full-time student members of GAS may apply for this award.

Takako Sano International Student Scholarship: Eligible, full-time student members of GAS living outside of the United States may apply for this award. This fund was established in honor of Takako Sano, co-chair of the 1998 GAS conference in Seto, Japan, and long-time supporter of GAS.

Becky Winship Flameworking Scholarship: Eligible, full-time student members of GAS using flameworking techniques may apply for this award. This scholarship is made possible through generous donations from David Winship and Lisa Bieber of Glasscraft, Inc.

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.