Andrew Erdos

Past Student Representative: 2006-2007

Andrew Erdos is a conceptual artist based in New York.  His multi-disciplinary works often combine blown and cast glass, new media, and performance. The artist’s meticulously fabricated objects and environments reference the complexity of the interdependent and often conflicting relationships between technology, nature, kitsch and the sublime.

Andrew Erdos served as the Student Representative to the Board of Directors  of The Glass Art Society from 2006-2007 before graduating from Alfred University.

Erdos has been exhibited internationally at venues including The Orlando Art Museum, Oklahoma City Art Museum, Toledo Museum of Art, Corning Museum of Glass, The Chazen Musuem, Knoxville Art Museum, National Center for Contemporary Art Moscow, and The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia.

In 2014 Andrew Erdos received the Rakow Comission from the Corning Museum of Glass. The Artist is represented by Claire Oliver Gallery in New York, where he is currently preparing for his second solo exhibition in spring of 2015.

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