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GASnews provides an ongoing exchange of ideas and information, and a place for regular communication between glass artists around the world. It is published online via issuu.com four times a year and is available to all current GAS members. Archives are also available in digital and PDF formats. To send in ideas for articles—or to comment to the editor—write us at 


Current Issue: Fall 2015


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Letter from the Editor

The Glass Art Society conference in San Jose, full of exciting lectures, demonstrations, and lec-mos, was bookended by the Strattman Lecture, a venue earmarked for critical dialog about glass, which was attended by a standing-room-only crowd. The lecture, The Critical Vacuum, given by the collaborative group Hyperopia Projects that is comprised of Helen Lee, Alex Rosenberg, and Matt Szösz, proposed that there is a vacuous lack of criticism within the glass world. As a possible solution to this perceived problem, the conversation turned to how the glass community could model and overlap with the larger contemporary art world. There seemed to be a consensus in the room that acceptance into the “contemporary art world” has been illusive for glassmakers, but the ability to articulate why this is the case has been equally confounding. Is it the material, the history, the attitude, or perhaps the framing of the questions altogether? Is it possible that there are many examples of crossover between glass and contemporary art, or that “divide” is actually an illusion?

This issue on “crossover” addresses stories on the medicine line between glass and contemporary art, and artists who are able to traverse it. David Schnuckel writes about the new Art + Design Wing at The Corning Museum of Glass (a venue of the 2016 GAS conference), which is creating a new context for art made from glass in both its new sun-lit gallery and theatrical hot shop. Michael Hernandez covers the 2015 Pilchuck AiRs, John Roach and Lili Maya & James Rouvelle who combine sound art, new media, and glass. New contributor Shelby Stuart covers Maria Bang Espersen’s process-based glass practice. Amanda Wilcox looks to Japan and showcases Ikita University in her School Profile and Kazumi Ohno, a student at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art in her Student Profile. Kristal Walker from the Rakow Research Library, reports on Duchamp’s use of glass. I write about Glasstress’s newest iteration, Gotika. For our op-ed, Suzanne Peck provides you with three easy steps to get over your contemporary art anxiety.

GASnews is an outlet for reporting, critical insight, and opinion about glass artwork, and provides space to expand the glass dialogue. Our contributors are thoughtful artists and writers who know the material and the landscape of glass art intimately. As always, GASnews welcomes submissions and letters to the editor. As you read this “crossover” issue, GASnews invites you to consider context as you prepare for 2016 conference in Corning, NY, Creating Context: Glass in a New Light.

-Kim Harty, GASnews Editor


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