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GASnews provides an ongoing exchange of ideas and information, and a place for regular communication between glass artists around the world. It is published online via ePaperFilip four times a year and is available to all current GAS members. Archives are also available in digital and PDF formats. To send in ideas for articles—or to comment to the editor—write us at 


Current Issue: Spring 2014

Letter from the Editor


As a glass community we constantly find ourselves traveling – from conferences to workshops to residencies and back again. In bustling metropolises and remote locales, we connect and reconnect with an interwoven patchwork of friends, places, and ideas.  When we depart from these magical locations- art centers, crafts schools, and studios - we often bring their collective energy home with us, and leave parts of ourselves lingering behind. Spring is a time for fantasizing about impending opportunities, scouring catalogues, and as the weeks wear on, channeling our energy to tackle the onslaught of approaching deadlines.    

The Spring issue of GASnews is for artists who are yearning for an adventure, an escape, or a new horizon to discover. The articles in this issue traverse the globe, with profiles on workshops, residencies, and summer programs that each offer alluring spaces and unique facilities for working with glass. Karen Donnellan writes about light artist Richard Wheater and his traveling Neon Workshop in Iceland, where artists work and live under the Aurora Borealis. Jessi Moore reports on S12 in Bergen, Norway, and how its residencies and exhibitions are fostering an international dialogue around emerging and experimental practices. Ben Wright uses poetic license to illuminate his productive and enchanting residency at the Toyama Institute of Glass Art. John Hogan shares his experience in the Czech Republic, giving readers a slice of the vibrant annual International Design Symposium in Nový Bor. Mike Hernandez talks to Tina Aufiero about her watershed programming at Pilchuck. Debra Ruzinksy demystifies Haystack’s Fab Lab. And the Rakow Library presents a history of alternative art schools in North Carolina including Penland School of Crafts, Winston-Salem Arts & Crafts Workshop, and the Energy X-Change.

For those longing for an immediate adventure, there is still time to register for the 2014 GAS Conference in Chicago. This issue continues to cover GAS’s Chicago presenters and includes features on Holly Hunt’s design showrooms, which combine artisanal furniture with a modern aesthetic, and innovative architect James Carpenter, who uses glass and light to create immersive architectural spaces. For those interested in exploring more profiles on conference presenters, you can refer to the Winter issue of GASnews, where many of them are featured.

Finally, as part of our new op-ed column, a space for critical dialogue, artist Susie Peck ruminates on the emergence of scientific and poetic practices in the glass community. Peck speculates that, “While the concept/technique squabble might energize some artists, it occurs to me that there are far more interesting, specific, and radical divides happening in the glass world’s contemporary practices.” Her thoughtful and provocative piece is sure to inspire conversation when the glass community converges in March.

Bon voyage, Góða ferð, 一路平安を祈る, Hyvää matkaa, Šťastnou cestu, safe travels and I will see you in Chicago!

Kim Harty


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