Ox-Bow’s classes are designed to offer serious artists and art students the opportunity to work closely with faculty and visiting artists, while enjoying the focus and time to concentrate completely on projects and the process of artmaking. From June through August, students can work in any of our six main studio areas – Ceramics, Glass, Painting and Drawing, Papermaking, Print, and Sculpture. Most of our sculpture courses are metals oriented (blacksmithing, jewelry, light metals, and iron casting) or site-specific, utilizing the vast and varied landscape of Ox-Bow. We are always expanding our programming to offer unique courses that students and artists can’t get elsewhere; look for new classes in a variety of different studio areas. During our two-week winter intensives, students can take one of three courses designed to take advantage of winter in the countryside, and the experimental nature of all Ox-Bow's programming. Respected faculty from well-known institutions are invited to each summer, supplements by a rotating group of visiting artists and scholars who arrive each week to share their work, their insight and their successes with students. In either season, we are certain the students who join us on campus will find the same rigor, inspiration, sense of community, and collaborative synergy that makes Ox-Bow such a unique environment in which to learn.


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