Glen Cook

Glen Cook

Elmira, NY, USA


Dr. Glen Cook is the Chief Scientist at the Corning Museum of Glass. A materials scientist and engineer with 20+ years expertise in glass, ceramics, and metallurgy, Glen holds a B.S. in Materials Engineering from New Mexico Tech, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, with a dissertation on fundamental aspects of the float glass process. Glen worked in research and development for Corning Incorporated for 16 years, is an inventor on over two dozen patent applications, advanced to the level of Senior Research Associate, and received Corning's prestigious Stookey Award for outstanding exploratory research. As the chief scientist at The Corning Museum of Glass, Glen is the museum's principle resource on the science and technology of glass, to the public and the glass art community. He is the technical advisor to the new Specialty Glass Artist-in-Residence program, and works with the museum's staff on incorporating scientific content in exhibits and educational programs. Glen loves to work closely with artists, to teach and learn how scientific and engineering fundementals can inform and be informed by art and craft methods and materials.


  • Digital painting


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Corning Museum of Glass
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