Seth Blackwell

Seth Blackwell

Plainview, TX, USA


Junior Glass Major student at West Texas A&M University, I began my artistic journey/influence in 2012 when I was awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship which allowed me to study in Beijing, China for over two months studying intensive language. Getting accustomed to the people, culture, and architecture directly influenced my direction in art. The influential places I visited there were: Summer Palace, Heaven Shrine, Earth Shrine, birth place of Kung Fu Tzu, as well as the temples atop Tai Shan Mountain. Although similar the architecture was always pleasing to the eye. After returning to the United States, I began the glass art program at West Texas A&M under Chad Holliday, where I began to explore the possibilities, techniques, and variations of glass in their respected fields. After some time with this challenging medium I traveled to Istanbul Turkey in 2013 where I studied with Chad Holliday (casting/cold working), Frantisek Janak (casting/cold working), Janusz Pozniak(glass blowing), and Holly Cooper (bead making) in their respected expertise. I am now on my second semester of the program and working towards a series of commedia dell'arte masks, and trying to push my techniques further.


  • coldwork/engraving
  • casting


2904 Mesa Drive
Plainview, TX 79072