Maureen James

Maureen James

Westport, KY, USA


Profitable Glass Quarterly is designed to meet the needs of the creative professional working in hot, warm, and cold glass. Whether you're a studio artist, collector, or educator, you're sure to gain valuable insights from your contemporaries across the industry. PGQ is for glass professionals who are looking for better ways to make a living doing what they love. The Flow is the glass journal for the flameworking community. With each issue of this premier resource for today’s lampworking artist, we continually strive to promote art and education in the hot glass community. Over 5,000 lampworkers worldwide depend on The Flow to be their nexus of information. Glass Patterns Quarterly is the leading international glass publication. We’ve been providing inspiration and information since 1985 to art glass hobbyists and professional artists. Visit us online at to learn more.


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Publisher, Glass Art Magazine
PO Box 69
Westport, KY 40077-0069