Hélène Hugonot

Hélène Hugonot


Born in Paris, raised in Marrocco, lived in Nepal 6 months (1975), and in northen India 1 year, studying Tangkha painting with the Tibetan's in Dharamsala (1978-79) Studied art at the Beaux Arts of Grenoble. Studied glass blowing at CCAC under Marvin Liposky and glass fusing pâte de verre with Boyce Lundström at the fusing ranch in Oregon. Have my own studio gallery in Grenoble with a big pâte de verre fusing kiln, 600 liters of glass max. Teach once a year at the French CERFAV, at Delphi (Michigan)and all year long in my studio. Studio and appartment for rent or exchange in the summer in Grenoble France.


  • casting
  • fusing/slumping
  • painting
  • kilnforming
  • leaded/stained
  • coldwork/engraving
  • accept commissions


Business Name:
H2 Verre
10, rue du Vieux Temple
Grenoble, N/A 38000