John Wiedenmann

John Wiedenmann

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Fine Art Manager is a unique organizational tool, designed specifically for the business needs of professional artists. Fine Art Manager enables any artist to fully catalog their portfolio of artwork, and subsequently manage the movement and sales of their artwork, from one location to the next! Fine Art Manager also features tools for sharing information about a particular piece of art's characteristics in detail, via email, and includes comprehensive data back-up capabilities, available with just a few touches of the screen. Artwork information can be backed-up to a hard drive, or to the artist's iCloud account, or preferably, both! Fine Art Manager is an application made for artists, by artists. Professional artists need a simple, efficient tool for managing, and cataloging their artwork. Fine Art Manager handles this responsibility by keeping track of fundamental artwork details, as well as notes added by the artist, a sales history audit trail, and all current and former location details, for each piece of artwork! Fine Art Manager utilizes visual icons to assist the artist with easy recognition and retrieval of any piece of artwork's specific information, as well as with the rapid identification of important locations and contacts. Spend more time creating artwork and living your passion, and less time organizing portfolio details using out-dated spreadsheets and frequently misplaced notebooks. Keep track of your thoughts and ideas as you have them, using the built-in notes capability. Email associated art galleries or museums your individual artwork information, as well as your own professional biography, in a few button presses. Fine Art Manager was designed to be any type of artist's virtual catalog of artwork, putting reliable, professional artwork information in your pocket, without the risk of losing your portfolio data, to unfortunate circumstances. Help us create a new way of managing artwork, specifically tailored for the diverse and highly dynamic, professional artist community!


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Fine Art Manager
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