Paul Messink

Paul Messink

Downers Grove, IL, USA


Artist Statement I create hand painted, multi-layered fused glass panels which depict nature: trees, fences, cemeteries, buildings, and other landscape elements. This layered technique allows me to create dimensional art that leads the viewer deeper into the scene. Elements in my work often recede into a foggy distance, creating an ethereal, almost ghostly effect. Nature provides an abundance of colors and forms that can be rendered in glass. My challenge as an artist is to create glass objects that reflect nature in the world around me. Typically, my glass panels are made of 9 to 12 layers of glass, resulting in a panel that is 1” to 1.5” thick. They typically range in size from 10” x 8”, up to 20” x 10”. My panels are usually displayed in a gallery stand, but can also be wall mounted. They look spectacular when lit from behind. About Paul Messink I have always been interested in glass art, and became a “late career” glass artist in 2003. I have worked in lamp-worked and blown glass, and since 2005, kiln-formed (or "fused") glass. I live with my partner in the Chicago area. I believe that the glass medium is unique – it includes elements of light and shadow, color, sculptural form, and texture. The properties that hot glass takes on at various temperatures provide an unlimited venue for an artist to explore new techniques and styles.


  • accept commissions
  • painting
  • architectural/public
  • fusing/slumping
  • casting
  • kilnforming


Business Name:
Paul Messink Glass Art
319 41st St
Downers Grove, IL 60515-2209