Katrina Ruby

Katrina Ruby

Sterling Heights, MI, USA


I have always needed to be an artist; to create; and glass has long been my chosen medium with other materials as support and in relation to the glass. My creative vision is to freeze a moment of inspiration, awe and peacefulness into the medium of glass. Nature is my most significant point of reference. Spending time with my children, friends and fellow artists are all present inspirations. Impressionist period artists, O’Keefe and artists and designers from the arts and crafts movement have made their mark on my aesthetic. Life itself has its own way of influencing my work. Being a woman and now a mother affects my point of view and ultimately my way of working. Being aware of the impact art can have on the environment, my glass is gleaned from other processes. I crush this glass, sift it and am left with frit and powder. I mix these materials with a binder and pack it in or on molds that I have fabricated and use the kiln to fuse the glass. These and other methods allow me to exploit the natural manner of glass as it heats and cools and bend it to my creative vision.


  • casting
  • kilnforming
  • accept commissions
  • fusing/slumping


39424 Burns Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48313