John Blazy

John Blazy


Inventor and manufacturer of Dichrolam™, dichroic laminated glass for architectural specification (not sold to artists, can't cut it). Dichrolam is optically identical to vaporized metal deposition dichroic glass, but is without the price, size, and fabrication limitations, yet Dichrolam has higher color saturation, greater spectral color shift, and passes CAT II 16 CFR 1201 certified safety glass for commercial architectural glazing. Dichrolam™ made the top ten list in the Material ConneXion library, and is found mostly in childrens hospitals. John Blazy was a former award winning furniture designer in the Art Deco style (RIT, SAC, '85 '86) before inventing Dichrolam™ when working as a UV chemist and holds several patents in polymer science and design. John Blazy is the only artist to whom John Blazy sells Dichrolam, for sculptures and installations on a size scale that is impossible with common dichroic glass (our ovens have 56 x 144" capacity). As and avid scuba diver, John sees amazing design in coral reefs and many of his new textures in Dichrolam are inspired by the Sea and the patterns of its creatures.


  • coldwork/engraving
  • accept commissions
  • architectural/public
  • John Blazy is the inventor of this completely original type of new dichroic glass, therefore wall mirrors and sculptures from the JBD studios are totally original.


Business Name:
John Blazy Designs
5546 Hilltop Oval
Parma, OH 44134