Audie Stanfill Jr.

Audie Stanfill Jr.


I was taught beads by the lovely ladies at Beads By Design in ATL, GA. Soon my pasion grew and beads were not enough, though I still enjoy the craft. I sold My '70 Roadrunner and moved to Oregon. I found out that I was a small minnow in a very crowded ocean of glass. For better or worse I was taken in by the folks at The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio. After a year there I moved back home and now I rent time in ATL at Duckbill Studios, while I pursue a dual degree in Art and English(left school with english degree incomplete) at Auburn University


  • flame/lampworking
  • glassblower
  • beadmaking


11570 Hopewell Rd
Silver Point, TN 38582