Melody Topping

Melody Topping


Melody C. Topping - Glass Artist Melody Topping began her career as an artist at an early age. Born in California, she was greatly influenced by the many dimensions of the California environment. The seascapes and landscapes of the land are rich in color, form and texture. These elements have inspired her with passion to replicate this beauty in her art work pieces. She has studied nationally with leading artists in glass, painting, and sculpture. Each of these experiences have encouraged her to develop her own unique talent. She strives to create an interplay of wind, earth and water within each piece of sculpture. Her creative expression in glass brings forth beauty, harmony and timelessness in glass form. Since antiquity glass has been valued as a precious commodity and collected for its beauty. Melody has been able to capture this beauty and the unique properties that comprise the materials within the glass. Through her thoughtful planning and intuitive sense of the glass itself, she brings forth life, fluidity and movement to each unique piece. Each handcrafted design is an alchemy of energies honoring the essence of the glass itself. In a family healing tradition of believing that spirituality can be enhanced through objects and the ancient American Indian traditions, it is Melody’s philosophy is that objects can be used to heighten each individual’s perception of their own spiritual reality. Melody allows the healing energies of the universe to channel through her and infuses this blessing in her series of “Energy Shields”. She believes that this infusion of spiritual prana blesses each object with the attribute it represents. Her series “Energy Shields” has been sought after for use in meditation, self-reflection, contemplation and healing ceremonies. Melody has been featured at Studio Arts Gallery, Laguna Beach, California for the last four years and in the Eugene Glass School 10th Annual Art Glass Auction Catalog in 2009. Melody won First Place for her “Majestic Wave” at the Pacific Art Glass juried show in 2009 and she recently won First Place and People’s Choice for her “Golden Winter” landscape in the Professional Fused/Cast/Kiln Worked category in the juried Gallery of Excellence at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in 2010. She and her husband live in Southern California where she also has her studio.


  • fusing/slumping
  • kilnforming
  • accept commissions
  • casting


2468 Monogram Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90815