Roxanne Tochor

Roxanne Tochor

Oakville, ON, CANADA


Roxanne Tochor came to glass with a vision and passion that extended far beyond the material. With no actual experience working with the material, Sheridan College seemed to offer the best opportunity for her to understand how to properly work with glass. Throughout the years she has diversified her skill set, however specifically put more energy and direction towards kiln casting. Her biggest aspiration was to evoke and inspire feelings of laughter, happiness and positivity. This is quiet obvious through the color palette she is currently using, but will only develop further with the subject matter and continued use of her curiosity and sense of positivity that ultimately inspires her to create everyday. We must love what we make and Roxy has found what she feels is personally fulfilling.


  • kilnforming


RR# 3
Oakville, ON N0J1B0