Marlo Cronquist

Marlo Cronquist

Minneapolis , MN, USA


Marlo first started working with glass while studying sculpture and furniture design at Minneapolis College of Art & Design where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She has studied and teaches at Minnesota Center for Glass Arts in Minneapolis. She has also studied at the world renowned Corning Museum of Glass in New York, with Bill Gudenrath, John Miller, and Maestro Davide Salvadore. Marlo is actively involved in the glass arts community. She is a member of the Glass Art Society, Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, and American Craft Counsel. Marlo believes being an active member of the glass arts community helps her to grow as an artist and allows her to contribute to the community. Marlo’s work is known for its use of color and its balance between traditional techniques and contemporary design. She finds inspiration from the art and cultures of the places she has traveled to such as Italy, Morocco, and Spain. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Marlo has lived on both the East and West coasts but has always been drawn back to the Midwest. Marlo’s work can be found in private collections and galleries across the country.


  • glassblower
  • accept commissions


Business Name:
Marlo Cronquist Studios
3802 Glendale Terrace
Minneapolis , MN 55410