Joe Wirkus

Joe Wirkus


Ignite Globes is an exciting new company manufacturing unique glass globes which affix to standard light fixtures including lamps, ceiling fans, and free-standing fixtures, taking them from ordinary into works of art. We are now offering business partnerships to a limited number of hand-blowing glass studios across the USA to help in the creation of our beautiful glassware for distribution to retail outlets across the United States, Caribla and Canada. Joe Charter, creator and artistic designer of Ignite Globes, is looking for serious individuals to join his team and build upon the Ignite Globes brand. Please contact: Joe Charter to set up a studio visit and meeting at 615-521-6032 In Canada call: Hilary Christo - Communications manager +1-416-731-3676


  • glassblower
  • architectural/public
  • Designer


Business Name:
Ignite Globes, LLC
851 S Curtiswood Lane
Nashville, TN 37204