Courtney Richardson

Courtney Richardson


Courtney Richardson was born near Cleveland, Ohio and lived with her family in Bedford ever since. Starting in 2008, she began studying Crafts at Kent State University. Not long after, she discovered glass and zoomed in to focus on that medium rather than a broad spectrum. In the summer of 2011, she traveled to Italy and studied Art History of the Italian Renaissance. In the summer of 2012, she participated in a two week workshop with Susan Taylor Glasgow and Sam Stang. Over the course of the weeks, she was instructed in the finer points of building imagery inside of cast glass by Glasgow and also applying images to blown forms in the style of Stang. Richardson enjoys manipulating blown glass and combining the glass with other materials like wood, metal, or found objects. Her work often evolves from her own struggles like her search for spirituality and her journey in martial arts. Finding ways to depict personal experiences that leave opportunities for the viewers to interpret the piece in other ways interests her greatly.


  • glassblower


100 Wandle Ave.
Bedford, OH 44146