Shunji Omura

Shunji Omura

Narita-shi Chiba-ken, , JAPAN


When I was about to graduate high school, Tokyo Glass Art Institute was established, and I joined the institute as the 2nd generation student. I mastered 12 kinds of technique in glass art in 2 years. After that, I entered Post Graduate course and started studies on sculpture using glass material. After graduating the institute, I have moved to England where I visited studios in London, Sunderland, Jersey Island, and worked for Midsummer Glass Maker in Cambridge. There, I learned several method of glass blowing and experienced a work flow called “Production Work”. After returning from Cambridge, I became a staff member for the establishment of Niijima Glass Art Center. During the 4 years in Niijima, I was so lucky to work as an assistant for Dale Chihuly, Benjamin Moore, Dante Marioni, Richard Royal, Richard Marquis, Dan Dailey, Lino Tagliapietra, and William Morris who came to Niijima for their workshop activity. Niijima is the place where my creative ability was brushed up, and I very much appreciate being a staff member of the Niijima Glass Art Center. After leaving Niijima, in 1994 I established Omura Glass Studio with support from M.D., Ph.D. Toshihiro Kuwano, whom I have known for a long time. 1994 I opened my Glass studio in Chiba. 1998 I was an instructor at Pilchuck Glass School. 2000, 2001 I was invited to International Glass Symposium in CZECH. 2004 Studied carving marble in Carrara, Italy for a year. 2007 I was an instructor for workshop in University of Hawaii. 2008 I was an instructor for workshop in Namsoul University. 2011 I was an instructor for Pilchuck glass school Now I am professor at Musashino Art University.


  • glassblower
  • fusing/slumping
  • kilnforming
  • casting


Omuro 760-1
Narita-shi Chiba-ken, N/A 286-0821