Delphine Ewen

Delphine Ewen

Paris, , FRANCE


Artist Statement 2016 My current work is about Life and the Meaning of Life. Glass is structured like a human: its flesh is silica, brought to life by intense firing, thereby recalling human passions. To live harmoniously with oneself and others, a person requires structure, a canalization of her passions. Without a calcic structural component, glass would dissolve in water. I have developed a colored palette of extremely thin glass strips, referring to the human DNA. These strips are my alphabet, my words, and my sentences that I rely on for painting stories. A logical construction then becomes an empiric and intuitive poetic object. The round shape of my glass pieces pertain to dynamic and movement, to the life circles growing in the tree trunk, to the eyes mirroring the soul. It takes a life to polish one’s inner diamonds. We all end up with different finished surfaces. I coldwork my pieces while deeply respecting their perfections and scars, as well as the gradations in between. I am self-taught glass artist and graduated, with honors, with a Master of Architecture (French dplg). Delphine EWEN


  • fusing/slumping
  • casting
  • accept commissions
  • kilnforming
  • architectural/public


51, rue de Gergovie
Paris, N/A 75014