Dave Clayton

Dave Clayton

Saint Joseph, MI, USA


Lynne Clayton Both my children studied glassblowing with Maestro Jerry Catania. For years, I have always wanted to try it. Several years ago; turning 50, I decided to give myself permission to make glassblowing my present! Immediately, I was enchanted. I love the magic of glass making. It’s not often as adults, we get the chance to try something new, discover a new passion….and now glass makes my heart sing. I am so grateful to Jerry and Kathy Catania for bringing to life the amazing creative space that is WaterStreetGlassworks. I have studied with several other instructors, as well. Shannon Eakins Terrarium class was one of my favorites. I love the way clear glass illuminates the plants, and making terrariums. The earth, flora, and glass are a winning combo. I hope you enjoy them too. As I enter the next season of my life, I feel fortunate to have uncovered another artistic medium as compelling as glass. From my seasonal treasures to the timeless terrariums, the possibilities for creative expression are boundless.


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1904 Sunset Drive
Saint Joseph, MI 49085