Chelsea Leung

Chelsea Leung

New York, NY, USA


Currently a BFA student at New York State College of Ceramic at Alfred University. My inspirations and expressions mainly derive from ordinary daily life. Every subject matters like landscape and still lives are common in our daily life. Therefore, you can see human faces in many of my artworks, it expresses the essence of humanity. I also do a lot of experimental works with different sculpture mediums such as glass, metal and wax. Each pieces contains a story behind, from emotional agony and reminiscence to social issues and global subject matters. I am using the play of symbolism and the play of color and space to generate images that surprises and at the same time, unique in itself. In my principal, art is not only soul searching, it is an exploration and response to the surrounding environment and even the whole world.


  • casting
  • coldwork/engraving
  • painting
  • glassblower
  • Painter, Glass Blower, Sculptor


91 Lorraine Loop
Staten Island
New York, NY 10309