David Frigon-Lavoie

David Frigon-Lavoie

Montreal, QC, CANADA


Arrived at Espace Verre in 2008, the discovery of glass has been a true revelation for me, a mysterious and exciting material. My interest in this material is not only of its technical complexity but because of its way to reveal the artist`s purpose. Glass, especially blown glass is now anchored into my motivations as an artist in the making. In the midst of my second year of study in glass, I made the decision to embark my passion at full time. I made a pause in my studies and contacted every Quebec glass blower on the list to propose for a job. The craft of glass blowing is a knowledge shared in workshops, I therefore worked as an apprentice glass blower in several studios in the great Montreal area. I returned to college to complete the last year of training at Espace Verre and now wish to explore in my own way, the relationship with this material.


  • glassblower
  • flame/lampworking