Joy Munshower

Joy Munshower

San Jose, CA, USA


Joy graduated from SJSU with a degree in Design with an emphasis in Ceramic Studio Practices. After college, she lived in Germany for a few years, explored most of central Europe, and then returned to graduate studies at CSU Fresno for Sculpture. Joy spent most of her twenties as a professional sculptor selling her bronze wildlife sculptures nationwide through The Nature Company, Natural Wonders and Nature Crafts. For nearly 20 years Joy worked in the construction and interior design industry specializing in tile and stone. In 2008 Joy began selling unique etched tile and stone through her own company In the last three years she has focused exclusively on lampworked glass sculpture beads!


  • accept commissions
  • flame/lampworking
  • beadmaking


Business Name:
Tile Goddess
2343 Boxwood Dr.
San Jose, CA 95128