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Past Glass Art Society Conferences

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 42nd Annual Conference
50 Years of Studio Glass: Idea-Impact-Innovation
Toledo, Ohio
June 13-17, 2012
 41st Annual Conference
Creative Crossroads
Seattle, Washington
June 1-5, 2011
Ingenious Possibilities
Louisville, Kentucky
June 10-12, 2010
39th Annual Conference
Local Inspiration,
Global Innovation

Corning, New York
June 11-13, 2009

Forming Frontiers

Portland, Oregon
June 19-21, 2008
Transformational Matter
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 7-9, 2007
36th Annual Conference

Glass Gateways:
Meet in the Middle
St. Louis, Missouri
June 17 - 19, 2006

35th Annual Conference

Matters of Substance

Adelaide, Australia
May 7 - 9, 2005

34th Annual Conference
Elegance, Decadence, Lagniappe
New Orleans, Louisiana
Jun 10 - 12, 2004

33rd Annual Conference 

Community Catalyst
Seattle, Washington
Jun 12 - 15, 2003

32nd Annual Conference
Sources of Inspiration
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 30, 2002 - Jun 1, 2002

31st Annual Conference
At the Crossroads of Art, History, and Technology
Corning, New York
Jun 14 - 17, 2001

30th Annual Conference

Bridge to the Future
Brooklyn, New York
Jun 8 - 11, 2000
29th Annual Conference
Sizzling Sands: Engulfed in Glass
Tampa, Florida
Apr 29, 1999 - May 2, 1999
28th Annual Conference
Eastern Reflections
Seto, Japan
May 28 - 31, 1998

27th Annual Conference: 1997 Tuscon, Arizona
26th Annual Conference: 1996 Boston, Massachusetts
25th Annual Conference: 1995 Asheville, North Carolina
24th Annual Conference: 1994 Oakland, California
23rd Annual Conference: 1993 Toledo, Ohio
22nd Annual Conference: 1992 Mexico City, MEXICO
21st Annual Conference: 1991 Corning, New York
20th Annual Conference: 1990 Seattle, Washington
19th Annual Conference: 1989 Toronto, CANADA
18th Annual Conference: 1988 Kent, Ohio
17th Annual Conference: 1987 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
16th Annual Conference: 1986 Los Angeles, California
15th Annual Conference: 1985 New Orleans, Louisiana
14th Annual Conference: 1984 Corning, New York
13th Annual Conference: 1983 Tucson, Arizona
12th Annual Conference: 1982 New York, New York
11th Annual Conference: 1981 Seattle, Washington
10th Annual Conference: 1980 Huntington, West Virginia
  9th Annual Conference: 1979 Corning, New York
  8th Annual Conference: 1978 Asilomar, California
  7th Annual Conference: 1977 Madison, Wisconsin
  6th Annual Conference: 1976 Corning, New York
  5th Annual Conference: 1975 Toledo, Ohio
  4th Annual Conference: 1974 Marietta, Ohio / Williamstown, West Virginia
  3rd Annual Conference: 1973 Marietta, Ohio / Williamstown, West Virginia
  2nd Annual Conference: 1972 Penland, North Carolina
  1st Annual Conference: 1971 Penland, North Carolina


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