2002: Amsterdam

32nd Annual Glass Art Society Conference

Amsterdam, NL
May 30-1, 2002 

This conference will be about inspiration, but what is it that inspires artists? What are their sources of inspiration? The Amsterdam conference focuses on three of these sources: European traditions, technical innovations and art.

European traditions

The conference will be an opportunity to mesh the enthusiasm and capability of glass artists of the New World with the traditions and lively culture of the Old World. The conference will explore the question of what meaning and value these traditions may have in the future of glass art.

Technical innovation

New technical inventions and possibilities have led glass art onto new paths many times. What technical innovations are happening right now and in what way do they affect glass art?


Amsterdam 2002 has the ambitious aspiration of giving the international glass movement artistic input from unexpected places. The conference will take a look at the common ground glass art has with other cultural expressions like painting, sculpture, architecture, design, film and music.

Amsterdam 2002 will be an inspiring and informal conference. A conference with surprising presentations, lots of demonstrations and many opportunities for friendly contacts in colorful locations, all within walking distance from each other. Much of the Conference will take place in two historic buildings in Amsterdam's town center: Felix Meritis and the great auditorium of the University of Amsterdam. Many of the lectures, the Student Exhibition, and the Technical Display will take place in Felix Meritis, with its beautiful meeting rooms. Across the street, barges in the canal will be the stage of hot glass demonstrations for conference attendees.

At a five minutes walk from Felix Meritis is the auditorium, originally built as a 17th century Protestant church, for the Conference's larger lectures. The opening ceremony will be held in the 16th century Westerkerk, a church built by the famous architect Hendrick de Keijser, and where Rembrandt was buried in 1669. The closing night party will be in the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal, a spectacular new building.

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.