Conference Presenters

Award Recipients

Each year, the Glass Art Society honors and acknowledges the individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the glass arts worldwide.

Richard Marquis

Lifetime Achievement
Award for exceptional achievement in the field of glass art

Daniel Schwoerer and Lani McGregor
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award for outstanding service to the Glass Art Society
(pictured above with Klaus Moje at right)


  • Catherine Aldrete-Morris: Kilnwork: It’s Easy Once You Know How
  • Chris Arnold and Mark Elliot:  Flameworking:  Flame Jam
  • Giles Bettison: Kilnwork
  • Scott Chaseling: Kilnwork
  • Daniel Clayman:  Kilnwork:  My First 20 Years of Kilncasting
  • Richard Clements:  Flameworking: Flameworking Demo of Bottles and Other Things
  • Tobin Copeland-Turner: Flameworking:  Mini-Marble High Dive
  • Benjamin Edols: Hot Glass: Glassblowing Demonstration
  • Tim Edwards: Hot Glass:  Inside the Square
  • Matt Eskuche:  Flameworking:  Assemblage of Multiple Elements with Encalmo
  • Penny Fuller:  Kilnwork:  Pate de Verre:  From 16th Century B.C. to Contemporary Practice
  • Alasdair Gordon:  Engraving: Copperwheel Engraving/Cameo
  • Katrina Hude and Jeff Mack:  Hot Glass:  Façon de Venise
  • Kyung Nam Jang:  Kilnwork:  Making a Plaster Mold for Vessels
  • Norikazu Kogure:  Flameworking:  Core-Formed Vessel in Japanese Method
  • Jessica Loughlin:  Kilnwork:  The Beige Rainbow
  • Richard Marquis:  Hot Glass:  Richard Marquis and Friends
  • Paul McClarin:  Flameworking Demonstration: Paul McClarin: Glass Eye Manufacturer
  • Robert Mickelsen:  Flameworking:  Even Seppos Get the Blues
  • Nick Mount:  Hot Glass:  Nick Blows It Up
  • Catharine Newell:  Kilnwork:  Below the Surface: In-Depth Imagery–Manipulations in Powders and Frit
  • Etsuko Nishi:  Kilnwork:  Pate de Verre by Ceramic Fiber Mould
  • Jane Radford:  Kilnwork:  Sous Verre Technique: Mixed Media    Reverse Painting under Glass
  • Thomas Rowney:  Hot Glass:  Caneworking Demonstration
  • Emiko Sawamoto:  Flameworking:  Japanese Devil Meets Tasmanian Devil:  The Making of a Noh Mask Bead
  • Mike Shelbo:  Flameworking:  Imagination, Manifestation, Validation
  • Anjali Srinivasan:  Hot Glass:  Bangles and Furnace Beads of India
  • Pamela Stadus:  Hot Glass:  Sandcast Glass and Printed Inclusions
  • Crystal Stubbs:  Hot Glass:  Eye and Hand: Sculptured Glass
  • Cesare Toffolo:  Flameworking:  Venetian Style of Flameworking
  • Lienors Torre:  Engraving:  Making Your Mark: Creative Cutting and Engraving on Glass
  • Marc VandenBerg:  Flameworking:  Mixing It Up–Figure and Fantasy
  • David Willis:  Flameworking:  Goblet Making = Skill Building
  • Nick Wirdnam:  Hot Glass:  Fish and Fire: Sculpted Glass


  • Clare Belfrage:  Shifting Lines
  • James Carpenter:  Willson Lecture: Consulting the Ephemeral
  • Daniel Clayman:  Looking In, Looking Out
  • Grace Cochrane:  Overview Down Under: Australian Glass
  • Giselle Courtney and Rodney Monk: Trapped in the Antipodes
  • John Croucher:  Columbus Discovers New Zealand–An Overview of the New Zealand Glass Art Movement
  • Geoffrey R. Edwards:  Keynote Lecture: Byron’s Dream – Glass in  Times of Rapture and Reverie
  • Kathy Elliott and Jiri Harcuba:  New Ways in Glass – Engraving
  • Norman Faulkner:  Film Introduction:  Looking for Glass in All the Wrong Places (and a Few Right Ones) – the Story behind “Glass India” and “Glass in the Middle East”
  • Ki-ra Kim:  Contemporary Glass in Korea
  • Gerry King:  A Glass Bridge: The Adoption of Contemporary Glass by Australian Aboriginal Artists
  • Dan Klein:  Glass Sculpture: What’s That?
  • Warren Langley:  In Search of the Grail
  • Richard Marquis:  Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture: What I Did on My Summer Vacation in Australia 31 Years Ago
  • Lani McGregor and Daniel Schwoerer:  Thermal Couple–The 25-Year Collaboration between Bullseye Glass Company and Australian Glass Artists
  • James Minson:  The Minson Family History
  • Yoriko Mizuta:  Japanese Glass Today
  • Klaus Moje: Fifty Years and All Those Years in Between
  • Tom Moore:  Little Known Facts
  • Richard Morrell:  Glass in the Last Paradise
  • Susi Muddiman:  The Past, Present, and Future of the National Art Glass Collection
  • Dr. Kevin D. Murray:  Strattman Lecture: ”...But it be Our Craft, Mum:” A Re-evaluation of Skill in Contemporary Art
  • Dr. Kevin Petrie:  Glass and Print –Historical Precedents and Contemporary Developments
  • Richard Paris Posner:  Glass in Context: Many Hands Make Light Work
  • Jennifer Scanlan:  The Extraordinary Past, Expanding Present, and Exciting Future of Flameworking
  • Michael Scheiner:  Fabricating Glass: Building on Material Process– Some Reflections on Making Work
  • Chris Sorrell:  Labino Lecture: How Science, Art, and History Come Together through New Techniques in Glass Analysis
  • Anjali Srinivasan:  Glass Art in India: The Lost and Living Traditions
  • Cesare Toffolo:  A Life for Glass Between Tradition and Innovation
  • Sunny Wang:  Contemporary Glass in South East Asia


  • Robert Bell:  At What Price the Prize?  The Impact of Prizes on Contemporary Glass
  • Geoffrey Edwards:  At What Price the Prize? The Impact of Prizes on Contemporary Glass
  • Wendy Fairclough:  Bright Ideas
  • Tony Hanning:  At What Price the Prize? The Impact of Prizes on Contemporary Glass
  • Susan Bane Holland:  Moderator: Bright Ideas
  • Ede Horton:  Bright Ideas
  • Frank Howarth:  Collecting Criteria
  • Peter Ivy:  Bright Ideas
  • Gerry King:  Moderator: At What Price the Prize?  The Impact of Prizes on Contemporary Glass
  • Yoriko Mizuta:  Collecting Criteria
  • Jackie Pancari:  Bright Ideas

Technical Resource Center Presentations

  • Casting and Annealing
  • Cutting and Engraving Studio Set-up
  • Ergonomics for Glassworkers
  • Furnace Design
  • Kiln Building
  • Photographing Your Work

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.