2006 Presenters

Conference Presenters

Award Recipients

Each year, the Glass Art Society honors and acknowledges the individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the glass arts worldwide.

Ann Robinson
Lifetime Achievement
Award for exceptional achievement in the field of glass art

Penny Berk
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award for outstanding service to the Glass Art Society


  • Hank Murta Adams: Hot Glass
  • Bennett Battaile: Flamework: Flameworked Stringer: All the Methods, Some of the Madness
  • Mauro Bonaventura: Flamework: Men in the Tower
  • Daniel Clayman: Kilnwork Lecture/Demonstration: Twenty Years of Casting Projects
  • Sam Drumgoole: Hot Glass: Living Glass
  • Eric Goldschmidt: Flamework: A Contemporary American Take on Venetian Technique
  • Andre Gutgesell: Flamework: Play with Lines
  • Kazuyo Hashimoto: Flamework: Brilliant Woven Glass
  • Judy Hill: Kilnwork: Material as Metaphor, Using Clay and Glass: How These Materials Are Used as I Make My Objects
  • Deborah Horrell: Kilnwork: Transforming Line into Form
  • Frantisek Janak: Kilnwork: Molds for Mold-melted Sculpture
  • Ruth King: Hot Glass: Simple Solids
  • Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman: Hot Glass: Sculpting a Hot Bubble
  • Tom Krepcio: Flat Glass: Stained Glass-Making it Original
  • Ken Leap: Flat Glass: Glass Painting for the Artist
  • David Levi and Sam Stang: Hot Glass: Glassblowing Demonstration
  • Chuck Lopez and Flo Perkins, Nick Davis and Charlotte Potter: Hot Glass: Bowling for Glass
  • Charles Lowrie: Hot Glass
  • Carmen Lozar: Flamework: Vignette
  • Koichi Matsufuji: Kilnwork: A Japanese Approach to the Lost Wax Casting Mold
  • Liz Mears: Flamework: Sculpting with Opened Tubing    
  • Petr Novotny: Hot Glass: A Czech Way of Glassblowing
  • Michael Plane: Flamework
  • John Reyntiens: Flat Glass: Texture and How to Get it: Slumping, Gilding, and Painting
  • Che Rhodes: Hot Glass: Abstract Blown Sculpture
  • Loren Stump: Flamework: St. Louis Arch Commemorative GAS Murrini
  • Takeshi Tsujino: Hot Glass: Blowing from the Far East
  • Janusz Walentynowicz: Kilnwork: A Presentation of Casting Techniques
  • Randy Walker: Hot Glass: Sculpting Nature
  • Dave Walters: Hot Glass: The Vessels are Narrative


  • Doreen Balabanoff: From the Four Corners
  • Penny Berk: Lifetime Membership Award Lecture: Reflections on Herding Cats
  • Nick Cave: Willson Lecture: "Soundsuits": the Beginning, the Middle, and the...
  • David Chatt: Where Glass Meets Fiber, There Sits Beadwork
  • Sarawut Chutiwongpeti: At the Dawn of the 21st Century: A View Through "The Red Window"
  • Delbert Day: Labino Lecture: Glass-From Outer Space to Inner Space
  • John Drury: Are We Going to Get it, Together?
  • Tommy Elder: Photographing Glass: Reflections on Reflections in Glass
  • Sidney Goldstein: Keynote Lecture: Meet in the Middle: Ancient or Modern-Call it Medieval!
  • Henry Grimmett and Edwin King: The Exposed Artist: New Data and Review of Toxicities in Lampworking
  • Janet Koplos: Strattman Lecture: Reconsidering Glass
  • John Lewis: Cast Glass in Architecture
  • Karen Mulder: Glass as a Gateway to Understanding History: Reassessing the Impact of Postwar Neues Glas Installations from Germany
  • Tina Oldknow: Trends and Influences in Contemporary Czech Glass Sculpture
  • Flo Perkins: New Work / New Mexico
  • Pike Powers: Imagery
  • Ann Robinson: Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture: Ramp @ off to 420c Degrees
  • Sam Stang: History of Studio Glass in the St. Louis Area
  • Michael Taylor: Commercial Value vs. Content: Is there a Survivable Balance?
  • Brynhildur Thorgeirsdottir: The Continuing Dialogue-Sculpture and Glass
  • Fred Tschida: Crossroads
  • Dana Zamecnikova: Mirroring
  • Mark Zirpel: Glass Works


  • Douglas Auer: Gas vs. Electric
  • Cornelia Carey: The Insurance Show, Starring Craig Nutt
  • Suellen Fowler: Myth of the Burner
  • Henry Halem: Moderator: Glass Education: A Gateway to Success or Failure
  • Janis Miltenberger: Myth of the Burner
  • Roger Parramore: Myth of the Burner
  • Sally Prasch: Myth of the Burner
  • Steve Stadelman: Gas vs. Electric
  • Doug Ohm: Gas vs. Electric

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