2006: St. Louis

St. Louis 2006

Glass Art Society 36th Annual Conference

Glass Gateways: Meet in the Middle,
June 15-17, 2006

Millennium Hotel
200 S. 4th St., St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis sits historically, geographically, and socially in the middle of a number of dichotomies. Located in Mid-America, St. Louis joins the energy and innovation of the north with the warmth and hospitality of the south. As the gateway to the west, it has been a starting point for many journeys—a portal from the familiar into unknown territory. In St. Louis, old traditions meet with new frontiers, creating a dynamic atmosphere full of possibilities.

The theme of GAS' 2006 conference, "Glass Gateways: Meet in the Middle," encourages exploration of both the close-knit community of glass workers and the diversity of techniques, attitudes, and individuals that makes that community vibrant. Meeting in the middle represents not only compromise, but also companionship and community. The theme allows room for lectures on the dynamics between form and function, technology and tradition, and other interesting dichotomies that influence art. It also encourages ideas about unity and convergence, whether through community endeavors, collaborations, or the merging of many influences to form a cohesive body of work. The demonstration area will allow for multiple functions (i.e. flameworking, casting, blowing, and slumping) in the same space, and presentations of combined techniques are encouraged.

Work and play, concept and execution, expression and meditation all meet in the middle to generate art. Join us for the GAS conference in St. Louis and explore the space in between.

Award Recipients, Demonstrators, Lecturers,  and Panelists

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