2007 Lectures Demos Panels

2007 Lectures, Demonstrations, Panels


Warren Carther: Innovation + Transformation in Architecture, Public Art and Architectural Glass
Bruce Chao: Matter of Course
Nicole Chesney: Reflections on an Occluded Mirror
Róisín de Buitléar: Memory and Invention - Stories from Ireland
Emerging Artists Lectures: Steven Durow, Jin Won Han, and Kimberly Harty
Tom Farbanish:
Time of my Life: Various Thoughts on Making Objects
Lanse Fero: Transformational Investing/Financial Journey
Michael Flechtner: Artist in the Midst
Michael Greenman: Labino Lecture: Glass Art & Science - Moving Forward Together
Rudy Gritsch: Transformation in Glass Teaches Us
Jiri Harcuba: Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture: Glass Engraving, My Heritage
Toshio Iezumi: Glass Sculpture by Direct Cutting
Kelly Stevelt Kaser: The Changing Career Path of Studio Glass Artists
Anne Madarosz: Art & Industry Transformed: The Story of Pittsburgh Glass
Kazuko Mitsushima: Glass Jewelery
Michiko Miyake: To the Realm of Nothingness
Sarah Nichols: Translations & Transformations: Glass in Venice and America, 1950-2006
Maria Porges: Writing about Glass: Hot Air about Hot (and Cold) Stuff
Michael Rogers: Honorary Lifetime Membership Award Lecture: Recollections
Keith Sonnier: Willson Lecture: Coloras Volume
Therman Statom: A Life in Translation!
Wayne Strattman: Self Illuminated Glass: My 24-Year Search to Light Up the World
Bill Strickland: Keynote Speaker: The Art of Leadership
Per B. Sundberg: Greatest Hits
Ana Thiel: Glass as an Agent of Transformation
Sylvie Vandenhoucke: Eye & Mind Transformed


Alexander Arbell: Flameworking: Lamp-Blown Boro-glass, Metal-patinated Vessel, in the Middle-Eastern Style
Pat Bako: Coldworking: Secrets of the Cold Shop Exposed
Cathy Chase: Hot Casting: Coast to Coast Casting
John Choi, Katrina Creyts and Magan Stevens: Hot Glass: Exquisite Corpse
John de Wit: Hot Glass: Absorption and Rumination
Julie Anne Denton: Flameworking: The Three Alchemical Principles: Sulphur, Salt & Mercury
Miriam Di Fiore: Flat Glass: Kiln-Forming Landscapes: The Forest of Glass
Michael Flechtner: Neon: Going 3-D
Caitlin Hyde: Flameworking: Beyond the Bead: Sculptural Elements at the Torch
Yuri Ishida: Flameworking: Basic Techniques - How to Join
Jiri Harcuba: Coldworking: Listen to the wheel. Carving on Glass
Joon Yong Kim: Hot Glass: Got Glass Cage Form with Ceramics Technique
Edward Kirshner: Neon: Glass & Plasma Light
Jiyong Lee: Flat Glass: Misconception and Truth of Working with Adhesives: Hxtal Demonstration
Walter Lieberman: Flat Glass: Painting on Glass is Fun
Beth Lipman: Hot Glass: The Fatal Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Michael Mangiafico: Flameworking: Metamorphosis
Dante Marioni: Hot Glass: Off-hand Glassblowing by Dante Marioni and Janusz Pozniak
Milissa Montini: Flameworking: It’s About Murrini
Thomas Muller-Litz: Flameworking: Demonstration in montage technique with softglass tubes
Andrea Penzo: Flameworking: Broken Heads
Angus Powers: Hot Glass: Impressions - Shaping glass with nontraditional custom tools and molds
Jill Reynolds: Flameworking: The Intermittent Flameworker
Bruno Romanelli: Kilnworking: Half Truths & Revelations
Davide Salvadore: Hot Glass: Inspirations of Africa
Peter Secrest: Hot Glass: Murrini Inquiry
Student Demonstrations: Flameworking
Student Demonstrations:
Hot Glass
Rex Trimm: Flameworking: Glass an ‘Nat!
Layla Walter: Kilnworking: Hand Built Mold Making for Glass Casting
Thomas Wendler: Neon: Hollow Bird of Paradise with soft colored glass


Lucy Lyon, Hank Murta Adams, Judy Hill, Clifford Rainey, Tina Oldknow:
Implications of Transforming the Figure into Glass

Lori Beck, Julie Conway, Hugh Jenkins, James Ronner:
Bio Glass - Green Studios Benefitting Artists and the Environment

Anne Chen, Brian Frus, Chris Clarke, Kevin Gannon, Mark Gibeau:
Capitalizing on Resources and Building Green

Kathleen Mulcahy, Ron Desmett, Deborah Hosking, Randy Kovitz:
Community Resurgence: Making Sense of Place

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