2009 Presenters

2009 Conference Presenters


Each year, the Glass Art Society honors and acknowledges the individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the glass arts worldwide. These will be presented at the Opening Ceremony at Corning Auditorium, Thursday, June 11, 1 pm.

The Lifetime Achievement award is the Glass Art Society's highest honor, given in recognition of significant and sustained contributions to the field of glass art to recipients over the age of 60. Achievement is to be construed broadly, including, but not limited to diverse endeavors such as artistic excellence, technical innovation, exemplary scholarship, organizational leadership, dedication to education, and support for and promotion of glass art.

Marvin Lipofsky

2009 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

The Glass Art Society honors and acknowledges the individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Glass Art Society.

John Leighton

2009 Honorary Lifetime Membership Award recipient
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award for outstanding service to the Glass Art Society.


Lu Chi: 
Chinese Glass Art’s Global Consciousness and Chinese Specific Character
John Chiles & Sam Stang: Some Thoughts on Energy Efficiency for Design and Operation of Small Glass Studios
Charles Correll: We Have a Carbon Footprint…
Stephen Edwards:
My Work, My Students 
Erwin Eisch:
Happy Accidents: My Art and the Studio Glass Movement

Adam Ellison:
Labino Lecture: The Art of Glass Science

Donald Friedlich: 
Donald Friedlich: Corning, Collaboration and CAD/CAM
Irene Frolic:
Poetic Vision: Six Canadian Sculptors
Helsinki University:
Tuomas Rossi,
Shinsaku Fukutaka,
Katriina Nuutinen
Breaking the Aquarium 
(Silent Presenters: Oliver Backman, Vesa Kattelus, Kazuski Nakada, Timo Salli, Lotta Veromaa, Satoshi Yoshida)
Chad Holliday The Final Polish - A Peek into the Czech Glassmaker’s Education
Jesse Kohl:
The History, Development, and Chemistry of Silver Containing Glasses for the Curious Glass Artist 
Stephen Koob
Conservation and Care of Glass Objects
Helen Lee:
Vitreous Typography 
John Leighton:
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award Lecture: Thoughts of Another Object Maker 
Marvin Lipofsky:
Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture: Thank You Harvey…It’s Been 47 Great Years 
Tim Macfarlane:
Keynote Lecture: 
Bruce Metcalf:
Strattman Lecture: The Glass Art Conundrum 
Kazushi Nakada:
Boundary Between Imagination and Reality 
Mark Naylor:
Harmonizing Murky Dimensions of Glass 
Jung Sun Oh:
Emerging Artists Presentations (one of three emerging artists presenting) 
Pat Oleszko:
Willson Lecture: The Pats to Suckcess 
Jackie Pancari:
Parallel Journeys
Keith Seybert:
Keeping a Killer Out of Your Glass Studio
Suzannah Vaughan:
Emerging Artists Presentations (one of three emerging artists presenting) 
David Whitehouse:
Lecture with Demo by Bill Gudenrath: Goblets Through Time
Bohyun Yoon:
Emerging Artists Presentations (one of three emerging artists presenting) 


As with every GAS conference hosted in a new location, each presents its own individual systems. The Corning conference demo venues are very limited in viewing attendance. GAS will be opening registration on THURSDAY MORNING ONLY AT 7AM to help get everyone to the demo sites as early as possible.

Each venue has a maximum capacity of attendees enforced by local fire codes. We will not be able to allow any more than those limits into each demo venue. You will have the opportunity to wait in line and will be given a number. You must stay in line to keep your place - anyone waiting past the maximum number per venue will be alerted that they need to choose another demo location.

We hope that this will help you to have a better conference experience. Many demos will be simulcast to the Museum Auditorium or Studio Classroom to allow for greater viewing.

Eric Caster:  
Hooked On Boro
Vittorio Costantini
Nature In Glass
Max Erlacher
& Takeo Takemasa:  
Copper Wheel Engraving
Matthew Eskuche:
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Crappiness
Riccardo and Pietro Ferro:

Sarah Gilbert,
Jessica Julius,
Erica Rosenfeld
& Maret Sarapu:
Hot Glass: 
TV Dinner
Bill Gudenrath:  
Hot Glass:
A Survey of Historical Glassblowing Techniques and Demo with Lecture by David Whitehouse: Goblets Through Time
Jin Won Han:
Flameworking and 3D Rendering in the Design Process
Jìrí Harcuba:
Zen Engraving – The Ease of Engraving!
Eric Hilton,
Peter Houk
& Denise Stillwaggon Leone:
Sandblasting – A Personal Approach to Erosive Processes
Lucie Kovarova-Wier:
One Piece At a Time (murrine cane assembly)
Ben Livingston:
Ben’s Neon 1000 Degree Dog and Pony Show
Jeff Mack:
Hot Glass: 
Guggenheim Cup
Chris McElroy:
The Right Tool
Eric Meek:
Hot Glass: 
Blast and Blow
Robert Mickelsen
Copa Pimienta
Marc Petrovic:
Hot Glass: Old Roll Up, New Tricks
Elio Quarisa:
Hot Glass: 
Angel and Dragons
Michael Rogers
& Kazushi Nakada:
Hot Glass: 
Meeting of the Minds
Martin Rosol:
Coldworking in Progress
Davide Salvadore:
Hot Glass: 
Suoniamo Il Vetro
Nadine Saylor:
Hot Glass: 
Recollections: Objects of Memory
Rob Scavuzzo:
Hot Glass: 

Edward Schmid:
Hot Glass: 
25 Years of Hot Glass Tricks (and Yet I’m STILL Learning!)
Josh Simpson and Peter VanderLaan
Hot Glass: 
Reality Sucks: How To Keep Things From Exploding
Cesare Toffolo:
Flameworking: Bubble In Trap
Gianni Toso:
Flameworking: How to Find Your Voice in Glass
David Wilson:
Hot Glass: Fluorescent and Photoluminescent Glass
Carlos Zervigon:
Hot Glass: Tube Time
Jeff Zimmerman:
Hot Glass:

LEC-MO’S (Lectures on Artists Processes)

Alex Bernstein:
Carving Your Own Path – Finding the Artist’s Voice Through Process and Exploration
Martha Croasdale,
& Janet Kelman
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend and Other Gems of Knowledge 
Steve De Martino:
The Voice of the Material – A Short Tutorial on Designing for Reliability 
Jim Dennison
& Leanne Williams
Kiln Casting: 
Sweet As 
Nomoda “Cedi” Djaba:
West African Krobo Powder Glass Beadmaking 
Shin-ichi & Kimiake Higuchi:
Beyond The Basics – Mould Making Techniques 
Dan Mehlman:
Product Development In The Glass and Ceramic Industries – A Designer/ Model Maker At Work 


Energy and Atmosphere
Eddie Bernard, Terrill Waldman and Pablo Soto

A Survey of Public Glass Studios
Michelle Bufano of Pratt Fine Arts Center, Ann Jakle of Canberra Glassworks, Brian Kibler of UrbanGlass, and Heather McElwee of Pittsburgh Glass Center

Murano Glass: A Global Future
Domenico Cavallaro, Riccardo and Pietro Ferro Davide Salvadore and Marco Salvadore

Glass: Ephermera: Object Exploring Virtual/Actual Objects Outside the Bubble
Rika Hawes, Jocelyn Prince, and Angus Powers

A Glimpse at the Past of Contemporary Glass: Corning’s 1959 and 1979 Exhibitions, the Toledo Glass Nationals, and Other Landmark Shows
Tina Oldknow, Thomas Buechner, Jutta-Annette Page, Paul Smith, and William Warmus


Ron Gavigan, Taliaferro Jones, and Jan-Erik Ritzman

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The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.