2010 Presenters & Award Winners

2010 Conference Presenters & Award Winners


Each year, the Glass Art Society honors and acknowledges the individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the glass arts worldwide. These will be presented at the Opening Ceremony, Thursday, June 10, 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm at the Marriott Ballroom V & IV.

2010 Lifetime Achievement Award
The Lifetime Achievement award is the Glass Art Society's highest honor, given in recognition of significant and sustained contributions to the field of glass art to recipients over the age of 60. Achievement is to be construed broadly, including, but not limited to diverse endeavors such as artistic excellence, technical innovation, exemplary scholarship, organizational leadership, dedication to education, and support for and promotion of glass art.

In 2010, GAS selected two men to receive this award: Mark Peiser and Dan Klein.

Mark Peiser
[[Mark Peiser headshot]]

[[Mark Peiser piece]]

Dan Klein

Dan Klein at the GAS 2009 Auction in Portland, OR

                     Dan Klein was a founding director of North Lands Creative Glass in Scotland. After running his own gallery for 10 years, he joined Christie's London as Director of 20th Century Decorative Arts. He subsequently served as Vice President for Christie's Switzerland and then as International Executive Director of Phillips. During the last nine years of his life, he was an independent curator, collector, and writer; his several books include the standard Glass: A Contemporary Art.

Dan Klein stayed connected with North Lands. He also served as external examiner to the department of glass at Royal College of Art, was on the board of Pilchuck Glass School, and was a patron of the Guild of Glass Engravers, a lifetime honorary member of the Contemporary Glass society, and president of the Scottish Glass Society. His obituary in the London Times remarked that "he did more than any other to embrace the emerging British studio glass movement, encouraging its artists and promoting them to a wider audience."

Please click here to visit the website of Dan Klein Associates, a business he founded in 1996 to promote contemporary glass worldwide.

2010 Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
The Glass Art Society honors and acknowledges the individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Glass Art Society with an Honorary Lifetime Membership Award.

The 2010 recipient of this award is Tom Philabaum.

Tom Philabaum
[[Tom Philabaum headshot]]

[[Tom Philabaum piece]]

Honorary Lifetime Membership Award for outstanding service to the Glass Art Society.


Arlon Bayliss:
The Death of a Dodo, the End of an Era, or the Start of Something New: If Handmade Factory Glass Dies in the US and Western Europe, What Effect Will It Have On Us?

Chris Bird-Jones
The Worldwide Influence - Swansea Celebrates 75 years of Architectural Glass Education

Lindsay Capps & Christina Ryan
Law & Glass: What Rights Do You Have?

Deborah Dohne:
Deborah Dohne - The Creative Spark

Fritz Dreisbach:
Roots of the Glass Art Society


John Drury:

Glass Outside: Works Including Glass by Untrained Artists


Richard Jolley:

Surviving, Then Thriving While Trying Not to Be Compromising or How Did This Happen: 35 Years of Being Out of the Loop


Stephen Knapp:

Glass is Not the Object

Patrick Martin:

Substitution of Variables

Tom Moore
More is More

Strattman Lecture:
Peter Morrin:
Finding A Place for Contemporary Glass

Andy Paiko:

Thinking In Parts: The Engineered Glass Object

Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture:
Mark Peiser:
Then I Had Another Idea...

 [[Tom Philabaum piece]]
Honorary Lifetime Membership Award Lecture:
Tom Philabaum:
Against All Odds

Keynote Lecture
:Bill Samuels

Judith Schaechter

Beauty and the Beef

Robert Stephan:
Coldworking Techniques, Tips and Myths

Max Stewart:

When Light Congeals into Matter: The Alchemy of Making Colours


Labino Lecture:
Stephen Tucker
Glass Furnace Design - From Industry to the Studio

Kenneth von Roenn, Jr.
Executing Large Scale Kiln Cast and Slumped Glass

Willson Lecture:
Corban Walker
Scaling Perception Through a Glass Object

Michael Bell:
Health and Safety Aspects Within an Art Glass Studio


Emerging Artists Presentations (click the link to see images of this year's Emerging Artists presenters, juror bios, and comments)

Cortney Boyd  •  David Fox  •  Jessica Lloyd-Jones    •  Thomas Ryder




Oben Abright & McKinley Moore:
The Glass Portrait
Hot Glass


Devyn Baron & Amy Pender:
Get Out of My Head: The Art of Collaboration
Hot Glass


James Breed:

Transporting Ingenuity: Hot Sculpted Demonstration
Hot Glass


Eunsuh Choi:
Seemingly Simplistic Form, but Complex Interworking

Matthew Cummings:

The Handmade Mark
Hot Glass

Scott Darlington:
Shining Light On Ideas Through the Lightbulb
Hot Glass

Benjamin Edols:
Double Ender
Hot Glass

Casey Hyland:
4600 Rays of Light
Hot Glass


Martin Janecky:  
Inside Sculpting
Hot Glass

Richard Jolley:

Hot Glass

Kaori Koike

Bit by Bit
Hot Glass

Shelley Muzylowski-Allen:
Hot Glass Sculpting: Get Set
Hot Glass

Martie Negri & Robert Panepinto:

A Thousand Flowers: Contemporary Millefiori Pulling Cane
Hot Glass

Roger Parramore:

Handling Large Scale Glass Bubbles

Mark Payton:
Flamework Sculpture Using Tubing


Stephen Rolfe Powell:
Main Screaming
Hot Glass

Ché Rhodes:
Hot Glass

Amy Rueffert:
Hot Glass

Emilio Santini:

Michael Schunke:
Confessions of a Goblet Maker
Hot Glass

Mike Shelbo:

Robots Making Goblins: Microwave Fused Borosilicate and Flamework of the Ancient Future

Steve Sizelove:
Working Beyond History

Paul Stankard:
Encasing Colored Glass Flowers in a Cube - The Basic Building Block for My Career

Loren Stump:

Louisville Commemorative Paperweight

Boyd Sugiki:
Architectural Forms in Glass
Hot Glass

Lino Tagliapietra:

Glass Blowing Demonstration (*made possible, in part by the Sutherland Foundation Endowed Chair in Glass)
Hot Glass

Marc VandenBerg: 
The Breakfast Club

Dave Walters:

A Marriage of the Blown Form and the Narrative
Hot Glass

Brook White, Jr.:
Fusion: Putting the Parts Together
Hot Glass

David Willis:

Breaking It Down: Lampworking Botanicals

LEC-MO’S (Lectures on Artists Processes with samples)

Ralph Carter: 
Tips for Working with Plaster-Based Investments
Rene Culler:

Ingenious Imagery: Possibilities in Glass with Ceramic Materials

Benjamin Edols:
No Friends Madness
John Groth:
Glass Compatible Clay
Kilnworking & Hot

Mark Hall:
Modifying the Roll-up; a Fresh Approach to Bring Kiln-Formed Glass to the Glory Hole
Kilnforming & Hot

Carmen Vetter:

Finding My Depth: Bas Relief with Frits and Powders
Kenneth von Roenn, Jr.:
Issues with Large Scale Kiln Cast & Slumped Glass
Kiln casting & Slumping
Jeffrey Wallin:
The Glass Canvas

Vaz Zastera:
The Perfect Bonding of Art & Science


Artistic Vision in Industry, Design and Manufacturing
Fred diFrenzi (moderator), Ursula Vourvoulis and Jon Wolfe

How Many Skills Do You Need to Survive?
Richard Yelle (moderator) Geoff Isles, Pike Powers and Durk Valkema

Glass Studio as Energy Source
Eddie Bernard (moderator), Charles Correll, Jim Gosnell and Douglas Ohm

Should the Term "Glass Artist" be Abolished?
Andrew Page (moderator), Jim Butler, Judith Schaechter, and Walter Zimmerman

Sustaining a Studio: Hotshop
Jeremy Lepisto (moderator), Benjamin EdolsLynn Read and Tommie Rush


  • David Harpe (1/12/10) - Lecmo on Digital Photography
  • Lori Beck (1/21/10) - Panel "Glass Studio as Energy Source"
  • Ruth Summers (5/19/10) - on Panel "How Many Skills Do You Need to Survive?"
  • Ruth King (5/20/10) - on Panel "How Many Skills Do You Need to Survive?"
  • PANEL (5/25/10) - "Similar Passions, Differing Approaches; The Collectors' Perspective"  Che Rhodes (moderator), Scott Erbes, Adele and Leonard Leight, Raphaela Platow, Julien Robson, Al Shands and Steve Wilson

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