2010 Welcome to Louisville

2010 Welcome to Louisville 



The first GAS conference was held April 5-7, 1971 at Penland, with the coordinating Chairmen being Mark Peiser, Billy Bernstein, and Fritz Dreisbach according to the archives at Penland. The second one was also held at Penland based on the success of the first one. What a grand idea these individuals had in starting this organization based on the ideals of free exchange of information and promotion of the glass arts!

This is a milestone in our history considering we have had our conferences in 28 locations, five of them international sites. GAS is proud to present our 40th Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville is not an old glass community excepting its stained glass history, but it has an enthusiastic one. GAS has a mission to reach out to different glass communities and to foster them by bringing our conferences in partnership with their communities to showcase, network, and expand their relationships worldwide. I have affection for Louisville, the city and its culture, as well as its growing glass community, and I feel you will too if you join us for the excellent programming we are offering.

We are honored to announce our Lifetime Achievement and Membership Awards at this time. Our Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient is Mark Peiser, one of the founding fathers, who is a humble, restless artist who has mastered many techniques in his long career and is still doing so in his quiet ways. An artist/scientist who will spend years in research and development before executing a new body of work, Mark deserves this award at this time and place and we congratulate him. Tom Philabaum is our Lifetime Membership Award Recipient and he has been an outstanding Board Member of GAS as well as a Site Coordinator for Tucson twice, and is working on the 2011 conference again. We congratulate Tom for his award and appreciate his tireless efforts and amazing energy.

As you look through the Pre-Conference Brochure information, you will see a very interesting mix of lectures, demonstrations, panel discussions, tours and other events which will surely please. Fritz Dreisbach's lecture on the early beginnings of GAS, demonstrations by Lino Tagliapietra, and the Keynote Lecture by Bill Samuels, President of Maker's Mark are just some of the highlights. The Closing Night Party at the Muhammad Ali Center promises to provide a scenic view and a unique and inspirational venue. We hope to see you in Louisville in June!

Shane Fero


Ingenious Possibilities - the theme of the 2010 Glass Art Society conference is a term representative of the qualities of Louisville, Kentucky and its growing glass community. Though is has only become a destination for contemporary glass art in the last several years, Louisville's historical involvement with glass, coupled with its flourishing contemporary glass art scene, make it the perfect place for the 40th annual international Glass Art Society conference.

Louisville is not only the birthplace of chewing gum, the cheeseburger, and "The Champ", Muhammad Ali; it is also the place where Thomas Edison's revolutionary invention, the light bulb, was first displayed publicly. Architectural Glass Art, located in Louisville, is the oldest continuously operating glass business in America, and at nearby Centre College, Stephen Rolfe Powell has been fostering the contemporary studio glass art movement in Kentucky for 25 years. The Louisville glass community recognizes its roots in the region's rich history with glass.

Currently, Louisville's downtown district showcases three large, comprehensive glass studios which will be the venues for the 2010 GAS conference demonstrations. Glassworks, The University of Louisville's Cressman Center for Visual Arts, and Flame Run Glass Gallery and Studio, are all recently built, state of the art facilities that provide artists, students and the public with the opportunity to pursue glass in any manner they choose. We think you'll be pleased to find that not only are the majority of the conference venues within walking distance of one another, but some of Louisville's best eating, scenery, and nightlife are just a short walk or a long stumble away.

Louisville's past has been built upon ingenuity. Its future is shaped by possibility. While you are here, you can sample the many attractions Louisville and the surrounding areas have to offer. From bourbon tasting and horse trading, to contemporary art and skate parks, you'll find Louisville's blend of southern hospitality and metropolitan progressivism to be intriguing and satisfying. With so many recent developments in glass art, it's easy to see that Louisville's contemporary glass scene is rich in resources and ready to share. During the conference, you can do the sharing easily on a bicycle. For the 2010 GAS conference, we hope that all of you will attend, many of you will return, and some of you will stay.


Merrily Orsini, Che Rhodes, J.Page von Roenn, Brook Forrest White, Jr.

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