Seattle 2011

Creative Crossroads

There was a lot of creating going on at the Creative Crossroads conference in 2011! The Corning Museum of Glass sent a videographer, who caught some of the demonstrations on their Hot Glass Roadshow and followed up with brief interviews with the artists. Here are a few of the short videos, courtesy of CMoG:

Intro VideoKeke Cribbs & Ross RichmondJen ElekGuido GerlitzM-Space •  James MongrainRodman MillerAlex Stisser


Intro - Seattle 2011 GAS Conference




Keke Cribbs & Ross Richmond

"Hot Printing on Glass"



Jen Elek

"This is a Stick Up!"



Guido Gerlitz

"Exploring Movement Through Glass Sculpture"




"The Best of the Twisty Cup"



James Mongrain

Hot Demo



Rodman Miller

"Copper Tube Glassblowing"



Alex Stisser

"Trailer Park"



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