2011 Presenters & Award Winners

GAS 2011 Seattle Presenters

Keynote Address
Award Winners
Special Lectures & Demonstrations
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Keynote Address

Derrick Cartwright, Director of the Seattle Art Museum
Don’t Touch the Glass!—or—the New Place of Participation in 21st Century Art Museums

In 2009, Derrick Cartwright became the director of the Seattle Art Museum, a 75-year-old institution with 25,000 objects, from 140 cultures, housed in three venues.

Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Lecture: Ann Wolff
Ann Wolff

Sponsored by Leonard and Adele Leight of Louisville, Kentucky.
  Lifetime Membership Award Lecture: Scott Benefield
Bothering Why
Ann_1.jpgAnn Wolff is one of the most important figures in the European Studio Glass Movement. At the end of the nineties, her work took off in a new direction, the results of which were exhibited to international public acclaim. The body of which which has been produced is both new and innovative. It puts forward such themes as the individual figure in relation to the group, but also workshttp://www.glassart.org/cgi/content.cgi/Ann_Wolff_SEPIA_III.jpg?id=8333&name=Ann_Wolff_SEPIA_III.jpg with abstract-geometric shapes related to the human form and space. Ann lives and works in Sweden and Germany. She has received numerous awards and exhibitions, and has taught in Europe, Japan, and the USA.

WolffAnne_DES_FEMMES_III.jpgPurchase this piece at the Auction!

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  Benefieldheadshot.JPGScott Benefield has been a member of GAS for fifteen years, serving on its Board of Directors from 1994-2002 and acting as President during the Corning (2001) and Amsterdam (2002) conferences. He was the editor of GASNews from 1996-2002 and continues to write for the newsletter, as well as serve on the Publications Committee. http://www.glassart.org/cgi/content.cgi/Scott_Benefield_Badge.JPG?id=8332&name=Scott_Benefield_Badge.JPGSince 2008, Scott has also been a member of the GAS Advisory Committee. He currently lives and works in Northern Ireland.


Special Lectures & Demonstrations

Vandiver_Pam_Portrait.jpg Labino Lecture: Pamela Vandiver
Original Sins, Glass Origins: Glass Durability & Other Technological Problems

Lecture about problems of durability, degradation mechanisms and compositional variability of glass and will compare and contrast the microstructure and composition of some ancient and modern glasses. Of special interest to our community of artists working with glass is the fact that some of our modern work is deteriorating already — even in climate-controlled environments such as that of the Smithsonian Institution.

The Dominick Labino Fund sponsors an outstanding technical lecture at each conference.

Catalani_Stefano_Portrait.jpg Strattman Lecture: Stefano Catalani
Memory:identity :: signs:craft

Drawing upon vast repertoires of symbols and processes, many contemporary artists and makers strive to capture cultural memory and personal identity by exploring the direct connection of craft with cultural traditions. The lecture discusses the role of craft as cultural signifier within the contemporary artistic production and examines the "meaning" of craft in terms of its symbolic value and its interpretation.

The Wayne Strattman Critical Dialogue Lecture Fund sponsors a lecture with new and stimulating information on art glass at each annual GAS conference.

Tear.jpg Willson Lecture: Gay Outlaw
Coming to Glass from Someplace Else

Outlaw will discuss her background working with cast sugar, and her interest in glass as just one material in a palette of many others, including wood, paper, bronze, and felt.

The Robert Willson Fund sponsors a lecture on sculpture at each annual conference.

Marioni_pairurn.jpg Special Hot Glass Demonstration
Dante Marioni

Special Ticketing: Dante Marioni will demonstrate twice on Friday, June 3. Numbered tickets for this event are available to conference attendees starting at 7:30am on Friday, June 3, at the Pratt Hot Shop (Attendees may not sign up for this event earlier). Room capacity is limited by fire codes. You must stay in line to keep your place. Anyone waiting past the maximum number of places will be alerted that they need to choose another demo. Once Dante Marioni's first demo ends, the room will be cleared so the second group may enter. First demo group: 8:30-10am; Second demo group: 10:30am-noon.


Aldana-Mendez_Constrcution.jpg Pilar Aldana-Mendez
Glass for Gold

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  baskett_1_calabaza.JPG Jonathan Baskett
Studio Glass in the Factory Environment
Cutler_transformer_GAS.jpg Vanessa Cutler
Creative Uses of Technology in Glass Art
  DeObaldia_Isabel_Revived_IMG_7764.jpg Isabel De Obaldía
Life, Work and Adventures
Dunham_Engine_2_corrected.jpg Bandhu Dunham
A Moving Discussion of Kinetic Glass

Contributing Artist to the Auction! Learn more

  Hot_Shop_01_.jpg Ruth King & John Reed
Pilchuck’s 40th Anniversary
  Walter Lieberman
Rarely Seen and Unusual Glass
  Meitner_2010_1_34.jpg Richard Meitner
Odd Man Out
Muth_GAS_2_internal_2352B3.jpg August Muth
Holography, Glass, and the Exploration of Light-Space

Contributing Artist to the Auction! Learn more

  Ruffner_08_Drawing_251453.jpg Ginny Ruffner
Thoughtful Looking and Look Full Thinking
Schnuckel_2.jpg David Schnuckel
Fictitiously Commemorating the Actual Self
  stinsmuehlen_Amend_Want.jpg Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend
Painting in the Space of Glass
Thiel_Un_camino_One_Way_plsc_STA.jpg Ana Thiel
Layers of Being
  Waddell_DSC02323.JPG Dave Waddell
Chemical Hazards in Glass Art
wax_illogical_cartography.jpg Jack Wax
The Unseen (Works From Academic Settings)
  Whiteley_Soma_08.jpg Richard Whiteley
Integrated Layers
Zimmerman_18_Incide_238456.jpg Walter Zimmerman
Cause and Effect


Emerging Artists Presentations: Three emerging artists will each speak for 20-30 minutes.
2011_Emerging_HiromiTakizawa_05.jpg Hiromi Takizawa 2011_Emerging_RachaelWong_02.jpg Rachael Wong 2011_Emerging_EdisonZapata_03.jpg Edison Zapata


COLDWORKING demonstrations

Benvenuto_Sand_5.jpg Joseph Benvenuto
Coldworking, it's all in the wax pencil!
  Canlis_Breathe.jpg JP Canlis
Scratching the Surface
House_To_Test_Love.JPG Duncan House
Why Work Cold?
  Pyun_Container_2005.jpg Jong-Pil Pyun
Composing Energy: Exploring Precision Coldworking

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Surgent_1_Into_the_Surface.jpg April Surgent
The Makers Mark, an engraving demonstration


FLAMEWORKING demonstrations

Boehm_IMG_0026_1_.jpg Sabina Boehm
Butterfly Marble and Lady Marble Holder

Contributing Artist to the Auction! Learn more

  Fleming_MantisStalkingaWasp.jpg Wesley Fleming
Glass Microcosmos

Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more
Hashimoto_4x4x4inch_Delicate_Boz_2010.jpg Kazuyo Hashimoto
Bird Nest Like

Contributing Artist to the Auction! Learn more

  kobuki_greenorchid.jpg John Kobuki
Borosilicate Flower Marble
Lozar_cloud_head_1.jpg Carmen Lozar
From One State to Another

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  Miltenberger_CollectionOfTheWandererDtl.jpg Janis Miltenberger
Construction Pointers and More Fun Stuff
Minson James Minson
Flamework Construction

   PraschSally_Splash.jpg Sally Prasch
Jigs and More

Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more 
 TaylorKarl_Flamework_vase.jpg Karl Taylor
Flowers Among the Thorns
  Townsend_homage_full_sm.jpg Milon Townsend
Some Assembly Required
Zinser_100201-2_023.jpg Margaret Zinser
Wearable Bugs



HOT GLASS demonstrations
Blank_Crystal_Skin_6_.jpeg Martin Blank
Creating "Crystal Skin"
Pouring, Pulling, Shaping Hot Glass - An exploration in natural form
  Clark_Tinkers.jpg Edward Ted Clark
Piecing Together an Ecosystem
_.jpg KéKé Cribbs & Ross Richmond (collaboration)
Hot Printing on Glass
  de_la_torre_300dpi-3.jpg Einar & Jamex de la Torre
Montezuma’s Avengers
Elek_R5J9930_16_bit_print.jpg Jen Elek   FruinImage2.jpg Nickolaus Fruin
Gerlitz_Glass_Oyster.jpg Guido Gerlitz
Exploring Movement Through Glass Sculpture
  Kiley_15A0609.jpg John Kiley
Pushing the Bubble, Together
Knowles_Pohlman_R6J6_248A00.jpg Sabrina Knowles & Jenny Pohlman
Hot Glass Assemblage

Chuck Lopez
Woven Filigrana

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Marioni_pairurn.jpg Dante Marioni

(see special ticketing information)
  McCain_Ribbons_2-c_w_232ECC.jpg Mike McCain
Technique Fusion
  Rodman Miller
Copper Tube Glassblowing

James Mongrain

Skyriver_Devil_fish.jpg Raven Skyriver
Blowmance: For the Love of Sculpting
  Stisser_Canned_Ham_Traveler.jpg Alex Stisser
Trailer Park
T7Belber.JPG Twisty Cup, Best of M-Space’s Competition   White_D_Image_1.jpg Danny White
“As Seen on TV”
Willenbrink-Johnsen_25162C.jpg Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen & Jasen Johnsen
Snow Leopard Stalking
   Zirpel_Organ.jpg Mark Zirpel



NEON demonstrations
  Sarah Blood   White_Will_You_die_i_244BC5.jpg James White: Hands-On Neon


VITREOGRAPHY/printmaking from glass plates demonstrations

Thompson_Petition1.jpg Thompson_Weiss_CollaborativePaintedCeramnicPlate.jpg
Walter Lieberman Cappy Thompson Dick Weiss
Purchase this collaborative piece by Cappy Thompson
& Dick Weiss at the Auction!
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Lec-Mos (combination lecture and demo about artist process)

Latchezar Boyadjiev
Following the Freedom of Form

Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more
  Cahill_CatchingLight_4.jpg Lisa Cahill
Through the Layers, Finding Your Own Language

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dobbins_mcfeelydoors.jpg Ruth Dobbins
Beyond Coldworking: Abrasive blasting as a means to an end
  Horrell_pate_de_verre_cup.jpg Deborah Horrell
Evolution of a Vocabulary

Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more

Lucy Lyon
Casting a Glass Figure: From Concept to Finished Piece

  Miner_Gila_Trout.jpg Charlie Miner
Illuminating Space in Sculptural Design
Parker_Augustus_max.jpg Anthony Parker
Build Your Own Electric Glass Furnace

Contributing Artist to the Auction! Learn more

  sarmiento_GAS2011_4.jpg Jeffrey Sarmiento
Ode on a Maori Paddle: Embedded Prin
t in Kilnformed Glass
Thornton_serie_INA7.jpg Christian Thornton
Enviroglass Blowing

Contributing Artist to the Auction! Learn more



Brychtová Forum: Intergenerational Panel of North American Artists
In July 2010, The Brychtova Forum, a collaborative project was presented in Seattle to celebrate the rich tradition of women artists working in glass in the Northwest, while also celebrating the life and work of Jaroslava Brychtova. This panel will comprise of a group of intergenerational artists from the Forum, who at different stages in their career will discuss their challenges and successes.

Michelle Bufano will moderate with Panelists:  
 Rebecca Chernow
 Flora Mace
 Shelley Muzylowski-Allen
Jenny Pohlman


Couples Collect:  A Conversation
In a conversation focusing on passions, philosophies and practices, Northwest collectors Chap and Eve Alvord, Steve and Dianne Loeb, and John and Joyce Price will share their ideas about and approaches to collecting art, with an emphasis on the importance of including glass sculpture among the artworks that they love and live with every day.

Margery Aronson (moderator)
Panelists: Chap Alvord, Stephen and Diane Loeb, Joyce and John Price

Different Voices for Unique Reasons (A Latin American Perspective)
Artists from Latin America will share their experiences as artists born in countries with no available art glass communities, galleries, schools, or collectors. Each one has had to forge their way, travel, and live different experiences that have resulted in unique works of art.

Thiel_Un_camino_One_Way_plsc_STA.jpg  Ana Thiel will moderate with Panelists:

Isabel De Obaldía
 Ruth M. Moreno

Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more
 Josefina Muñoz
 Luisa Restrepo
Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more

Green Panel: Community Glass Resources
Community access glass studios will discuss different approaches they have taken to realize savings in utility bills and lower impact by encouraging better working habits, purchasing new equipment, arranging schedules, selecting appropriate equipment, acting locally, reusing heat, and more. We will also discuss the positive effects a community access studio can have for the community as a whole.

Eddie Bernard will moderate with Panelists:
Chris Clarke
 Scott Graham

 Chuck Lopez

Hired Guns Panel
JayMacdonell_flame_pieces_web.jpg Jay Macdonell
will moderate with Panelists:

Latchezar Boyadjiev

Purchase this piece at the Auction!
Learn more
 Michael Fox

 Jeremy Lepisto
Purchase this piece at the Auction! Learn more
Alex Stisser

Glass and Youth: Transforming Lives, Education and Community Panel
The panel will discuss the unique role glass programs play in transforming the lives of youth, the development of innovative community partnerships and the movement of glass into the realm of public education.

DavidsonPatricia_Dream_Boat.jpg Patricia Davidson will moderate with Panelists:
Kate Dowd

 Jessica Hogan  Rachel Rader

Canceled, with regrets, from the Seattle Conference Schedule

Genevieve Church: Flameworked Beauty From Discarded Glass
Alasdair & Rish Gordon: Cameo Engraving
Kevin O'Grady: Flameworking demo
Ann Wolff: Lecture by Honorary Glass Art Society Lifetime Achievement Winner

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