2011: Seattle

http://www.glassart.org/cgi/content.cgi/skyline_purple_img_36_lg.jpg?id=8082&name=skyline_purple_img_36_lg.jpgGlass Art Society 41st Annual Conference

Seattle, Washington
June 1-5, 2011

Creative Crossroads

The 2011 Seattle conference—Creative Crossroads— celebrated the community and diversity of glass throughout the country and the world.
Conference Co-Chairs: Chuck Lopez, Joanna C. Sikes, Cyrena Stefano and Paula Stokes
Attendance: 1,107 from 34 different countries

Conference Publications

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Presenters and Awards


Lifetime Achievement Award - Ann Wolff Introducing Ann Wolff by Dagmar Brendstrup
Lifetime Membership Award - Scott Benefield


Derrick R. Cartwright "Don't Touch the Glass!" The Problem of Participating in 21st-Century Art Museums
Pamela Vandiver Original Sins, Glass Origins: Composition, Structure and Durability of Modern Artists' Glasses
Stefano Catalani Memory : Identity :: Signs : Craft
Gay Outlaw Coming to Glass from Someplace Else
- Pilar Aldana-Mendez Glass for Gold
- Jim Baker, Ruth King & John Reed Pilchuck Glass School Celebrates Their 40th Anniversary
- Jonathan Baskett Studio Glass in the Factory Environment
- Vanessa Cutler Creative Impact of Glass
- Isabel De Obaldia Works and Adventures
- Bandhu Scott Dunham Kinetic Glass Sculpture
- Walter Lieberman Rarely Seen and Unusual Glass
- Richard Meitner All Things Imaginable
- August Muth Holography, Glass, and the Exploration of Light-Space
- Ginny Ruffner Thoughtful Looking and Look Full Thinking
- David Schnuckel Fictitiously Commemorating My Human Essence
- Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend Painting in the Space of Glass
- Ana Thiel Layers of Being
- Dave Waddell Hidden Chemical Hazards in the Glass Arts
- Jack Wax The Unseen: Works from Academic Settings
- Richard Whiteley Integrated Layers
- Walter Zimmerman Cause and Effect
Emerging Artists Presentations:
  - Hiromi Takizawa Duality and the Parallel Lives
  - Rachael Wong Shifting Moments
  - Edison Zapata Stading on the Outside...


- Latchezar Boyadjiev 3Following the Freedom of Form
- Lisa Cahill Through the Layers, Finding Your Own Language
- Ruth Dobbins Abrasive Blasting as a Stand Alone Process
- Deborah Horrell Evolution of a Vocabulary
- Lucy Lyon Casting a Figure: From Concept to Finished Piece
- Charlie Miner Illuminating Space in Three-Dimensional Design
- Anthony Parker How to Build Your Own Electric Glass Furnace
- Jeffrey Sarmiento Ode on a Maori Paddle: Embedded Print in Kiln-formed Glass
- Christian Thornton Enviroglass Blowing


- Joseph Benvenuto Coldworking, It's All in the Wax Pencil
- JP Canlis Scratching the Surface
- Duncan House Why Work Cold?
- Walter Lieberman, Cappy Thompson and Dick Weiss Collaborative Vitreography: Printing from Glass Plates
- Jong-Pil Pyun Composing Energy: Exploring Precision Coldworking
- April Surgent The Maker's Mark: An Engraving Demonstration
- Sarah Blood Cooking with Neon
- Sabina Boehm Butterfly Marble and Lady Marble Holder
- Wesley Fleming Glass Microcosmos
- Kazuyo Hashimoto Bird Nest Like
- John Kobuki The Rose Marble
- Carmen Lozar From One State to Another
- Janis Miltenberger Construction Pointers and More Fun Stuff
- James Minson Flamework Construction
- Sally Prasch Jigs and More
- Karl Taylor Flowers Among the Thorns
- Milon Townsend Some Assembly Required
- James White Hands-On Neon
- Margaret Zinser Wearable Bugs
- Martin Blank Creating Crystal Skin
- Edward Ted Clark Piecing Together an Ecosystem
- KéKé Cribbs Hot Printing on Glass
- Einar & Jamex de la Torre Montezuma's Avengers
- Jen Elek This is a Stick Up!
- Nickolaus Fruin Hopefully Hot, Fast and Fun, but Under Control
- Guido Gerlitz Exploring Movement Through Glass Sculpture
- Jasen Johnsen & Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen Snow Leopard Stalking
- John Kiley Pushing the Bubble, Together
- Sabrina Knowles & Jenny Pohlman Hot Glass Assemblage: Two Minds, One Vision
- Chuck Lopez Woven Filigrana
- Dante Marioni 
- Mike McCain Technique Fusion
- Rodman Miller Copper Tube Glassblowing
- Jim Mongrain 
- Ross Richmond Hot Printing on Glass
- Raven Skyriver Blowmance: For the Love of Sculpting
- Alex Stisser Trailer Park
- Danny White As Seen On TV
- Mark Zirpel Glass Forms for Sound, Air, and Water


BRYCHTOVA FORUM Intergenerational Panel of North American Artists
Moderated by Michelle Bufano with panelists Rebecca Chernow, Flora Mace, Shelley Muzylowski-Allen and Jenny Pohlman
COLLECTORS PANEL Couples Collect: A Conversation
Moderated by Margery Aronson with panelists Chap Alvord, Diane and Stephen Loeb, Joyce and John Price
GREEN PANEL Community Glass Resources
Moderated by Eddie Bernard with panelists Chris Clarke, Scott Graham and Chuck Lopez
Moderated by Jeremy Lepisto with panelists Latchezar Boyadjiev, Michael Fox, Jay Macdonell and Alex Stisser
LATIN AMERICAN ARTISTS PANEL Different Voices for Unique Reasons (A Latin American Point of View)
Moderated by Ana Thiel with panelists Isabel De Obaldía, Ruth M. Moreno, Josefina Muñoz and Luisa Restrepo
YOUTH PROGRAMS PANEL Glass and Youth: Transforming Lives, Education and Community
Moderated by Patricia Davidson with panelists Kate Dowd, Jessica Hogan and Rachel Rader 

Conference Sponsors

Corning Museum of Glass Demonstration Venue Sponsor
Pratt Fine Arts Center Demonstration Venue Sponsor
Seattle Glassblowing Studio Demonstration Venue Sponsor
Spectrum Glass Company Glass donated by Spectrum Glass Company
Dale and Leslie Chihuly and Chihuly Studio Pre-Conference Reception - A Fundraiser
Trustees for the Museum of Glass Day of Glass - Tacoma
Leonard and Adele Leight Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture by Ann Wolff
Shatter Glass Group Inc. International Student Poster & Education Resource Center
Steve Funk Green Panel: Community Glass Resources
International Society of Glass Beadmakers Wesley Fleming Flameworking Demonstration
MacPherson Construction & Design LLC Chuck Lopez Hot Glass Demonstration
Olympic Color Rods Demonstration Sponsor
Kathleen Palmer, Studio 7 Fine Art Gallery Martin Blank Hot Glass Demonstration
John Sullivan and Paula Stokes Alex Stisser Hot Glass Demonstration
Jerry Udelson, DDS, Children's Dentistry Dante Marioni Hot Glass Demonstration
vidrioh! Pilar Aldana-Mendez Lecture

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.