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Annual Auction at the 2012 Toledo Conference



Free and Open to the Public

Preview of the Live and Silent Auction: Park Inn Ballroom on the 2nd floor
Friday, June 15, 5pm-7pm; Saturday, June 16, 9am-6pm

Silent Auction: First table closes on Saturday, June 16, at 5:15 pm
Live Auction: Saturday, June 16, 6pm-7pm

Interested in donating?

Preview the Live Auction and Featured Silent

Plus there are two special auctions this year:

Get in on the Action! The GAS Auction has become one of the highlights of the annual conference. This is an opportunity to see the amazing work of our presenters and members and to take home a piece of the conference. Donations — and purchases — help keep conference registration fees affordable and support low student fees and ongoing operations of GAS.

In addition to bidding on the art displayed during the exciting Silent Auction, GAS members and the public will be able to bid at the Live Auction on approximately 25 pieces created by GAS 2012 Toledo presenters and GAS Board members — plus several surprise pieces donated by other members of GAS.

Can’t make the conference? You can still participate. Phone bids are accepted, and donating work is a great way to support GAS if you aren’t able to attend. The GAS Silent Auction and Goblet Grab are open to all glass artists and suppliers; you do not need to be a member of GAS. Please contact the GAS office for additional information.


Donate to the GAS Auction!

AuctionPreview_2011Seattle.jpgWe hope you’ll consider donating a piece of your artwork — or goods or services.

Expected to be a large, exciting GAS auction with many donors and buyers, this event will be a great opportunity for exposure of your work. Your donated item will be on exhibit during the conference and it will be acknowledged in the 2012 Glass Art Society Journal. As mentioned above, your donation also helps keep conference registration fees affordable and supports low student fees and ongoing operations of GAS.

 Since GAS is a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible under US law. You can make a full donation or choose to receive 10%, 25%, or 40% of the sale price. We are counting on your support and generosity. Thank you!


How to Donate to the Auction

Hand-delivering your donation at the conference?

1. Pack your piece for carryout, including appropriate packing materials (e.g., such as double boxes and bubble wrap). If you wish, include instructions for installation or display. click for some safe packing ideas

2. Complete the donation form at the drop-off area.

3. Drop off the auction piece at the Park Inn Waynesfield Room on Wednesday, June 13, noon - 5 pm; Thursday, June 14, 9 am - noon; and Friday, June 15, 9 am - noon.

Shipping your piece to the conference?

1. Please fill out the 2012 Silent Auction Shipping & Donation Form (download the form here or call 206.382.1305) prior to the conference and return it to the GAS office.

2. Shipping instructions are listed on the form.

Auction_2011Seattle_PamKait.jpgPresenter or GAS Board member?

1. Please fill out the 2012 Auction Donation Form for Presenters & Board Members. This form will be available online. Please send the completed form to the GAS office by April 1, 2012.

2. Shipping instructions are listed on the form.


The Fine Print.

GAS promises to handle all Auction, Goblet Grab, and Student Exhibition items with the utmost respect and care, and to update you on the status of your donation, but GAS, SeaGate Convention Centre, and the Park Inn are not responsible for breakage, theft, or loss.

Unsold works of art that are not reclaimed by their donor at the end of the Auction, Goblet Grab, or Student Exhibition events become the unrestricted property of GAS. GAS shall be entitled in our absolute discretion to exercise disposal of the work as we deem appropriate after this time.

All purchases are final and must be paid for and removed from the premises during the evening of the event. Purchased items that are not removed at the end of the Auction, Goblet Grab, and Student Exhibition events will be shipped at the purchaser’s expense.

No exchanges or refunds allowed.

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