2016: Corning


CORNING, NY • JUNE 9-11, 2016

Thank you to our conference co-chairs, Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, presenters, sponsors and attendees!

Conference Co-Chairs: Ellen Corradini, Steve Gibbs, Angus Powers, Michael Rogers, Chris Sharkey

Attendance: Over 1700 registrants from 31 different countries

The Board of the Glass Art Society was proud to return the GAS conference to Corning, in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. The Corning Museum of Glass served as host, and conference participants experienced the museum’s new Contemporary Art +Design Wing, including a 26,000-square-foot light-filled gallery plus an expansive, state-of-the-art Amphitheater Hot Shop. 

In addition to content and events featured at most GAS conferences, participants also had the opportunity to experience and study the world’s foremost glass collection, explore the extensive holdings of the Rakow Research Library, and enjoy historic Corning’s long tradition of glassmaking. The 2016 GAS Conference encouraged attendees to expand their understanding of the story of glass, and create their own context for the future of glassmaking with fellow artists, collectors, manufacturers, scientists, experts, and students.


Download the following publications

-Pre-Conference Brochure pdf
-Conference Program Book pdf



  • The Glass Theater
  • Taste of Tech
  • Technical Display
  • Education and Professional Resource Center
  • Opening Ceremonies and Reception
  • 21st Annual Goblet Grab
  • International Student Exhibition & Sales
  • Crystal City Stroll
  • GAS Annual Membership Meeting & 2017 Preview
  • GAS Live and Silent Auction
  • Glass Fashion Show and Closing Night Party 


  • 3500 Years of Glass Science and Technology, CMoG
  • Anchor Glass Tour
  • Ask an Archivist, Rakow Research Library
  • Behind-the-Scenes at the Rakow Research Library
  • Conservation and the Care of Glass Objects, CMoG
  • Fragile Legacy: The Marine Invertebrate Models of Leopold and Rudolph Blaschks, CMoG
  • Gallery Talk: Aerial Perspectives of the American Landscape featuring Kiln-Glass Artist, Richard Parrish, The Rockwell Museum
  • Glass from Antiquity to the Cold War: Response, Reception, and Reinvention, CMoG
  • Lino in the Amphitheater Hot Shop, CMoG Amphitheater Hot Shop
  • New Installations at The Rockwell Museum
  • New Space, New Light, New Curator, CMoG
  • Revealing the Invisible: The History of Glass and the Microscope, Rakow Research Library
  • Round Table for Glass Educators, Rakow Research Library
  • The Romans Invented Everything, CMoG
  • World Kitchen Factory Tour


  • Lifetime Achievement Award – James Carpenter
  • Lifetime Membership Award – Jutta-Annette Page


  • KEYNOTE PANEL: Wendell Weeks, The Glass Age
  • LABINO LECTURE: Dr. Peter Bocko, Enabling and Expressive Medium of the Information Age: Art & Technology of Glass
  • LITTLETON LECTURE: Judith Schaechter  
    • James Labold, The Myth is Real: Mystic Truths of American Exceptionalism
    • Ito Laïla Le François, Instinctive Glass
    • Wil Eldridge Sideman, The Aesthetic Lens 
  • STRATTMAN LECTURE: Emily Zilber, Of Our Time: Contemporary Art, Craft, and the Encyclopedic Museum
  • WILLSON LECTURE: Buster Simpson, Shards of the Anthropocene
  • William Gudenrath, The Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworking
  • Elizabeth Potenza, Making a Hand-Blown Cathode Ray Tube: Re-using Technology and the Presence of the Hand within Industrial Processes
  • Fritz Dreisbach, Tricks with Fritz: Construction Techniques for Ancient and Contemporary Joke Glasses
  • Adriano Berengo, Why GLASSTRESS?
  • Rebecca Hopman and Alexandra Ruggiero, Gathering a Crowd: A Look at Glassmaking Demonstrations of the Past


  • Masahiro Asaka, Sculpting with the Elements
  • Yoko Hirosawa, Naoko Kato, Mica Okuno, Momoo Omuro, and Yoko Yagi, Beyond the Surface: 5 Female Japanese Artists Creating Tranquilly Exquisite Works in the Pursuit of Excellence
  • Dan Mirer, Of Esoteric Craft
  • Jessi Moore, Particular Particulates: Pâte de Verre and the Printed Image
  • Etsuko Nishi, Multiple-Layered Thin Pâte de Verre
  • Andy Paiko, Simple Yet Complicated
  • Kirstie Rea, Folding Light
  • Nathan Sandberg, Just Hot Enough: Relatively Low Temp Kilncasting
  • Judith Schaechter, 100% Homemade
  • David Schnuckel, Meaningful Gibberish
  • Bernd Weinmayer, Tyrolean Plasma Power



  • Pavlina Cambalova, Soul Engraving
  • Katharine Coleman, Glass Engraving: Traditional Skills, New Insights
  • Niels Cosman, The Fine Line
  • Jennifer Crescuillo, Let the Cold Shop Set You Free
  • Max Erlacher, Glass Engraving Overview
  • Pavel Novak and Martin Rosol, A Look into Coldworking


  • Lisa Demagall, Delighting in the Details
  • Tim Drier, Working with Rollers
  • Mike Gnann, Quadruple Klein
  • Eric Goldshmidt, Holy Sheet – Sculpting Sheet Glass on the Torch
  • Caitlin Hyde, The Mighty (tiny) Tardigrade Cirque de Science
  • Akihisa Izumi, Amicello
  • Junichi Kojima, DOT!
  • Carmen Lozar, Out of the Bubble: Flameworking Today
  • Roger Parramore, Eschewing the Variables and the Highest Possibility for Success
  • Kari Russell-Pool, The Language of Flowers
  • Salt, The Sculptural Approach (problem solving from a sculptural perspective)
  • Michael Souza, Tricks of the Trade


  • Maria Bang Espersen, An Introduction to the Basics of Glassblowing
  • Stine Bidstrup, Stories from the Back of the Eye
  • Devin Burgess and Pablo Soto, Long Distance Exquisite Corpse
  • Deborah Czeresko, Ravaged by Age
  • Laura Donefer and Jeff Mack, “Classico Moderno,” A Jeff Mack and Laura Donefer Collaboration
  • Josie Gluck and Michael Schunke, Organized Chaos
  • Eric Hilton and George Kennard, Metamorphosis: Cold to Hot and Back Again
  • Adam Holtzinger, Pattern Play
  • Beth Lipman, Burdensome Objects
  • Patrick Martin, Spoonful of Sugar
  • Eric Meek, Part of the Tradition, a Corning Gaffer
  • Michael Meilahn, This Ain’t Popcorn
  • John Moran, Life-Like: Sculpting a Realistic Hand
  • Nick Mount, Soft Geometry
  • Jocelyne Prince, Luminous Flux, Live Event
  • Raven Skyriver, New Normal
  • Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz, Bowls
  • Lino Tagliapietra, Ostuni


  • AT-RISK YOUTH FORUM, What Next? Opportunities for At-Risk Youth After High School 
    Panelists: Andrew Page (moderator), Hector Maldanado Jimenez, Barbara Heisler, Tracy Kirchmann, Robert Minkoff, Amy Schwartz
  • CAREERS IN ART PANEL, Creating Context: All Together Now
    Panelists: Tina Aufiero (moderator), Robin Cass, Amie McNeel, Rachel Moore, Jackie Pancari, Kait Rhoads, Norwood Viviano
  • GREEN PANEL, Time's Up! Now/How to Go Green
    Panelists: Toots Zynsky (moderator), Rachel Berwick, Fred Metz, Durk Valkema, Mark Weiner 
    Michael Stern,
     Molten Glass 3D Printing
    Jin Won Han, 3D Rendering for Glassmaking


  • Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes; introduction by Marble Slinger
  • The Flame-ation Project: A look behind the scenes at glass animation, Intro and Q&A: Mark Eliott 
  • Murano: The Unbearable Lightness of Glass, Emanuel Toffolo, Elia Toffolo, and Caterina Toso;  introduction by Shane Fero


Major Sponsors

The Corning Museum of Glass
Corning Incorporated
Corning Incorporated Foundation

Crystal City Stroll Transportation Sponsor
Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass

International Student Exhibition Sponsor
The Glass Furnace Foundation

Presentation Sponsor
His Glassworks, Inc.
Pavel Novak and Martin Rosol Demo

Venue Partners
171 Cedar Arts Center
Corning’s Gaffer District
Corning Incorporated Headquarters
The Corning Museum of Glass
Corning-Painted Post High School Auditorium
Palace Theatre
Radisson Hotel Corning
The Rockwell Museum 

The Glass Art Society Journal for the 2016 conference is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Corning Incorporated Foundation.



The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.