2017 Presenters and Awards

GAS Conference Program
Norfolk, VA | June 1-3, 2017

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                  Wayne.jpg Wayne Strattman
Wayne Strattman received the first PhD by published papers from the University of Sunderland in glass and the neon arts. The PhD recognized his many years of work making sculptures, doing research, writing, and advocating for neon and other advanced forms of lit glass sculpture. His Boston-based company, Strattman Design,has been a world leader for decades in building museum displays, custom sculpture, and innovative lighting products for commerce and industry. Strattman is a former Glass Art Society board member. In support of the organization, he initiated and endowed the Strattman Critical Dialogue Lecture series, co-funded the Technology Advancing Glass (TAG) grant program, and started and helped to maintain neon exhibitions at GAS conferences since 1997.             


Scott.jpg Joyce J. Scott, Thanks, Wait, Are You Sure?
Joyce J. Scott is a mixed-media sculptress who constructs sophisticated bead sculptures incorporating glass, clay, fabric swatches, and found objects that address social topics including racism, violence, and gender inequality. Her work scales from a human-worn neckpiece to a ceiling-high installation. Scott's work has been exhibited over sixty times in the U.S. as well as Europe, Africa, and Asia. A lifelong Maryland native, Scott incorporates her family narratives into her art. While teaching in South Africa, Mexico, and Italy, she applied local aesthetic in her work. Scott is an active leader in Baltimore, promoting creative spaces for the local community. She holds a bachelor of fine arts from Maryland Institute College of Art, and a master of fine arts from the Instituto Allende in Mexico. She has received honors from the National Endowment of the Arts, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2016 Baker Artist Awards, and most recently a 2016 MacArthur Fellowship. She has exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Applied Arts in Helsinki, and the Meguro Museum of Art in Tokyo.


Dion.jpg              Mark Dion, Adventures in the Culture of Nature
Renowned artist Mark Dion will provide a global tour of his site-specific installations, projects, and public artwork. Dion’s work examines the ways in which dominant ideologies and public institutions shape our understanding of history, knowledge, and the natural world. For over two decades, Dion has worked in the public realm in a wide range of scales, from architecture projects to print projects in newspapers. Dion received a BFA and honorary doctorate from the University of Hartford’s School of Art, and also attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Independent Study Program. He has received numerous awards, including the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award and the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Lucelia Artist Award, and has had major exhibitions in the United States and internationally. He is the co-director of Mildred’s Lane, an innovative visual art education and residency program in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania.


Mather.jpg Dr. John C. Mather of NASA, Seeing Our History and Our Future with Glass: Four Centuries of Mysteries
Who are we, where did we come from, and where are we going? Glass in microscopes and telescopes opened our eyes and our feelings to the incomprehensible beauty of the cosmos, from the smallest living things to the largest superclusters of galaxies. I will illustrate our story of discovery and imagine what we might find with new equipment like the James Webb Space Telescope. 


Adams.jpg Hank Adams, Affixed and Conjoined


Mlasowsky.jpg Anna Mlasowsky, Investigating the Possibilities of Mold-Less Pâte de Verre
Anna Mlasowsky will be sharing the research she has been doing on the mold-less pâte de verre technique, for which she received the 2014 TAG Grant. The lecture will focus on technical details and the artistic challenges of this research project, and present some of the results and current investigations.



Claire Oliver (moderator), Donna Davies, Matthew McLendon, and Laurence Sibrack, So What if It’s Glass: Rebranding a Medium
Pre-Renaissance, Western artists received little individual credit for their work; in many non-Western cultures, traditional forms have always been prized over innovation. Where do we get our contemporary notions of art vs. craft?

In the history of art, value placed on innovation is the exception not the rule. In many cultures today, the value of the work is in preserving the high standards of the visual traditions instead of changing them (read African mask, Indian rug or Chinese vase).

Our panel will address the changing role medium plays in the visual arts. We will discuss the roll the medium an artist (or artisan) choses to work in plays in our conception of the quality and importance of the object they have created. What would need to happen to change society’s common assumptions on glass as a medium (conceptually a means to an end and not as a product in and of itself?  Does the current and next generation of glass “makers” even want to change this or do they, as generations of makers before them, value preserving traditions instead of changing them?


Donnellan.jpg Peck.jpg Karen Donnellan and Suzanne Peck, Blow Harder: An Exploration of Language, Sexuality, and Gender in the Glassblowing Studio
Warning: This lecture will contain cursing, irreverence, sexual references, laughter, nudity (just kidding), and a feminist agenda. Rated R.              


           GAS_logo_.jpg Marcy Horwitz, Because That's Where the Money Is
Marcy Horwitz wrote her first successful grant proposal in 1973 and hasn’t yet written her last.  In this workshop geared toward artists working within the American system, we’ll talk about researching potential institutional funders, writing successful grant proposals and budgets, and following up — no matter what the outcome.          


 GAS_logo_.jpg Green Panel: Tracy Kirchmann (moderator), Rebeccah Byer, and Timm Muth, Green Fuel for Social Practice: Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship in the South
Social Practice is an art medium that focuses on social engagement, inviting collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutions in the creation of participatory art.  The 2017 GAS Green Panel will focus on organizations and companies that are helping to facilitate social entrepreneurship and community engagement though their green glass studio practice.  Our GAS panelists will share their own experiences creating energy with solar, using waste stream recycled glass for cullet, and using alternative fuel sources for kilns and furnaces. We will highlight how these green ventures create opportunity for socially conscious support of arts, entrepreneurship and education, while also rooting these organizations in their communities.
GAS_logo_.jpg  Performance Panel, Ben Wright (moderator), Thor Bueno, and Erica Rosenfeld, Performance Anxiety: A Critical Lens on Glass Performance Art
This panel will be a lively discussion exploring glass performance art from the perspective of a curator, a nonprofit administrator, and an artist.  Critical questions about the role of craft in performance, its relationship with the institution, and the primacy of experience over object will be discussed.
 GAS_logo_.jpg Saxe Emerging Artists Panel
Each year the Glass Art Society selects emerging artists to present lectures at its annual conference.  Through these lectures, artists with promising talent are afforded the opportunity to introduce their work to a large audience of established artists, educators, peers, collectors, art historians, and critics. This program is made possible by the Saxe Emerging Artists Lecture Fund. The 2017 Saxe Emerging Artists will be announced in spring.

Special Project: Mike Mason and Will Young, Torch Talk Live
Multiple live streams each day of the demos & performances in Work | Release. In sharing this conference with the world and Torch Talk community, we hope to foster unity among all workers of glass and bring historical perspective to our audience.


AncientTruthInvesitagors2.jpeg Amy Lemaire, Amanda Patenaude, and Rachel Rader, The Ancient Truth Investigators
The Ancient Truth Investigators test the limitless potential of Chakral energies present in their collection of specimens. Using specialized laboratory equipment that harnesses frequencies of light and sound, the team demonstrates the power of elements such as Petrified Spongy Coral, Banded Strattite and Illumite Crystal.
Bylta_.jpg Bylta, Sending
Bylta is a collaborative project between performance artist Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir and visual artist Alli Hoag, creating a performance with a team consisting of BGSU faculty, students, alumni, and Toledo area artists. Their performance, entitled Sending, utilizes digital circuits, conductivity and the semi-conductive properties of glass to reveal and celebrate the unstable endpoints of creativity that fuels both musical and visual art. The title Sending, which in English refers to transmission and in Icelandic to delivery, is influenced by the communication through different medium.

Eddie Bernard, An Evening of Magic with Eddie “The Great Flambeau” Bernard
The Great Flambeau presents a most unique set of effects and illusions with glass, fire, mystery, and audience participation in a magic show that can only take place in a hot glass studio.


Scott Darlington, Tweezer Venus
Woman, goddess, subject, object and signifier: Tweezer Venus activates both the Utopian and Dystopian spaces from the studio to the pedestal. By inducing an affirmative valence of feminine/objective lucidity Tweezer Venus poses a question: has our tendency to privatize desire further affirmed or disenfranchised her archetypal significance? The pre-homoeroticized body forms both my field of action and the basis of my conceptual taxonomy. My sculptures explore both the flux of transfixable signifiers and their complimentary anecdotal formations. My choice of hot glass as a medium creates a dialectic between proto-Classical conceptions of idealized form and later Humanistic naturalism. The figure's physical struggle and the struggle to materialize it physically using only the tweezers is simultaneously inoperative and adjectival!

Kirkpatrick.jpg Hannah Kirkpatrick, From Pinhole to Pixel 
This performance incorporates different light sources (neon, molten glass, candles, etc) as a means of making a moving image through a camera obscura installation. The installation explores how an analogue device and natural phenomena can relate to digital images.
Flock.jpg Flock the Optic, The Psycho Cycle Migration Experience: A Journey with the Flock
Join the Flock in an exploration of optical phenomena, migratory cycles, phat beats, and the hottest of heat.
          GAS_logo_.jpg UNBREAKABLE organized by Nkosi Barber, UNBREAKABLE REMIX: Youth Speak Glass
Four years ago, youth from a small school on Chicago's South Side invited members of the Glass Art Society conference to attend a glass art exhibition at Little Black Pearl Art and Design Academy.  This group of 12 students worked with the Minkoff Foundation and GAS to invite organizations from across the country that teach glass in underserved communities to exhibit.  They also created a student-focused art exhibition and performance that illustrated the issues that have the most impact on their lives.  The work focused on the best parts of their lives: education, people they love, art, and music.  It also focused on the destructive forces that threaten their survival, including gun violence, institutional racism, and poverty.  Over 300 people attended this groundbreaking event, and it started a movement in our glass community.  The experience of telling their own story, and being heard, changed the lives of the participants.  This year nine of the UNBREAKABLE students are back with a multidisciplinary glass performance piece incorporating video, dance, music production, and glass production to tell the story of their own lives, in their own words.      


Lec-mos are a combination of lecture and demonstration on the artists process.

Bandhu.jpeg Bandhu Dunham, Kinetic Glass as Performative Object 
This Lec-Mo will explore some of Dunham's techniques in constructing kinetic glass sculpture as well as kinetic projects by a selection of other artists. In addition to interesting technical aspects, we will look at themes related to performance: the role of the artist, the art object, and the spectator.  
lorch-seidel--Marta-Klonowska--Portrait-of-a-Boy--2017--pic-3--300dpi--photo-Eric-Tschernow.jpg Marta Klonowska
Namiki.jpg Hidetoshi Namiki and Yasuko Fujii, The Kirikane Technique on Hellenistic Gold Sandwich Glass 
In this presentation, Namiki and Fujii will show a hypothetical cut gold leaf cutting or applying technique used on Hellenistic gold-sandwich-glass bowl, inspired by Kirikane technique. In particular, the Canosa bowls (British Museum) will be re-examined.
Avery.jpg Avery Shaffer, Abel Valerie is a Whore for Likes
Using social media as an inspiration, a vehicle, and an audience builder. A discussion and demonstration of how seeking “likes” is a valid and data rich way of developing, testing, and selling work. Developing your identity (your Selfie) is a vibrant way to reveal patterns and the first step in finding your tribe.
Strattman.jpg Wayne Strattman, Beyond Neon: Lit Glass Sculpture!
This presentation will cover some basic theory and practice to making lit glass sculpture. You will learn to make your work light up using a kiln, a simple vacuum setup, and various gases.
Tanner.JPG Ryan Tanner, Cameo Engraving with Hand Tools
Tanner will give a short presentation on the history and evolution of cameo engraving and the reasons why engraving with hand tools is both practical and reminiscent of tradition. He will then describe how he engraves glass with a hand rotary tool, highlighting the materials he uses and the steps he takes to go about this process. 
Ione.jpg Ione Thorkelsson, There’s No App for That: An Approach to Flexible Free-Form Kilncasting
A discussion of improvisation and contingency-driven use of non-standard casting techniques in a small-scale, low-tech studio.  Topics include: adding blown components, lost hot glue technique, 'wax bondo' alterations, sprueless molds, and personal strategies when working with an incomplete tool-kit.                



Fine.jpg Matthew Fine, Great Casting...Now What
Artist Matthew Fine will share his thoughts and techniques regarding transforming hot cast glass pieces into polished and carved mixed media sculptures. He will also discuss his path to self marketing.
Gorman.jpg Nathan Gorman, Sand Carving through Hollow Forms
Gorman will talk about and demonstrate methods for carving through the walls of hollow objects. 
Hartle.jpg Heather Hartle, Contemporary Cameo Glass Informed by the Masters
Wheel engraving of kiln-formed cameo vessels inspired by artworks in the Chrysler Museum of Art collection.
Kolektiv.jpg Jan Janecký, Jaroslav Šára, and Michal Vlček, Kolektiv: Greater than the Sum of Its Parts
Kolektiv Ateliers is the Czech Republic’s premier glass fabrication facility focusing on fusing, cutting, engraving, painting and all coldworking techniques. The 2017 GAS demo will be done by two consummate masters, who each head one of Kolektiv's artisan teams — Jaroslav Šára, head of the engraving studio and Jan Janecký, head of the painting studio. The demo will be narrated by Kolektiv Ateliers’ CEO, Michal Vlček. 


Luisa Restrepo, Through the Looking Glass
The demo will showcase how to mirror flat, thermoformed, and complex blown pieces.


GAS_logo_.jpg 2 Stroke, If Your Glass Teacher Didn't Teach You About Pipes, You Got Robbed
Hour and a half long crash course in pipe making and institutional critique.
Benway.jpg Daniel Benway, Flameworking with Borosilicate Murrine
Benway will be demonstrating a few ways to use borosilicate murrine in solid and hollow forms.  This will include a multi layered skyline marble.
 Feather.jpg Beccy Feather, Boro Brain Freeze
This demo will cause nerve pain of the sphenopalatine ganglion and an acute cognitive faltering due to stress. We will also experience rapid constriction and swelling of our blood vessels resulting in pain from the roof of your mouth to the head. 
GAS_logo_.jpg Calvin Mickle
Prasch.jpg Sally Prasch, The Sound of Silica
This demonstration will consist of using a variety of types of glasses to form shapes for sound. Every COE vibrates at a different frequency, and the shape and mass of the glass will also give each a unique tone and timbre. Soft, borosilicate, and quartz glasses will be covered.
                 Puchowitz.jpg Zach Puchowitz, Body Parts
Hands, eyes, feet, ears, nose, fingernails, belly button and other parts too!!           



Hank Adams, Audit


Clare Belfrage, Nature from Close Up
Belfrage will use a range of coloring techniques to build up layers and patterns in the glass including drawing with fine threads of glass onto the blown form.


Gary Bodker, Fourth of July, in June
The focus of this demonstration is to reimagine a common fireworks display and bring the experience much closer to the audience.


Thor Bueno, Way too hot and way too fast
Thor will create some of his signature mirrored glass forms. Demonstrating his unconventional blowing style he will announce “The Reheat of Truth” when he heats the glass bubble way too hot and turns it way too fast. Don’t blink.

garmezy-small.jpg Grant Garmezy, Hot Sculpting with multiple Components
Grant Garmezy will work with his long-time Richmond crew to create a large animal sculpture. Multiple detailed and realistic parts will be joined using the garage, hot torch, impeccable timing and team spirit.

Mitchell Gaudet, Fertility
Team Studio Inferno will create a modern statue of Artemis of Ephesus by casting glass into an 1800’s side arm glass press. The cast glass breasts will be assembled hot onto a heated metal armature. The finished piece will not be annealed.


Jen Elek, Blown Glass Constructing Inside the Annealing Oven
Elek will construct a blown glass sculpture by blowing individual elements and hot torch welding each piece together inside the annealing oven creating a large-scale glass sculpture without flashing the piece in the glory hole. This is a process Elek developed in 2007 in an effort to create glass sculptural works with a more efficient process.


Jamestown Glassblowers, Glass in the New World
A dramatic depiction of the history of glassblowing in Jamestown, to include the first landing, starvation, native attacks, mutiny, and sabotage.


Richard Jolley, Idea to Actualization
The idea is the hard part, so we will start there and see what unfolds using the knowledge and skills acquired over the last forty years of working with glass as a sculptural material. The demonstration will focus on figurative work.


John Kiley, Know Your Graft
The word incalmo comes from the Venetian term for grafting branches of one fruit tree onto another tree.  In glass there are many ways to do this. In making a sculptural blank, this demonstration will explore nontraditional ways of a classic technique. 


Dante Marioni, Glassblowing
Dante Marioni will demonstrate his most recent series of objects, driven by pattern.

Marquis_Bear.jpg Richard Marquis, Something Easy: Maybe a Crazy Quilt Teapot, circa 1980?
Marquis is going to make something he never ever makes anymore: his demo depends on the expected excellent help, the glass (compatibility, you know?), and if he can remember how to make it.
Miller.jpg John Miller, Max It Out
This demonstration will focus on teamwork and pushing the envelope. A 4-foot, clear goblet will be joined together in the hotshop using parts made on the fly. There will be the usual entertaining aspects including large-scale glass, music, laughing and dancing, lots of fire, and the potential of complete destruction of the final piece.
Passineau.jpg Dawn Passineau, Interdependent Connections
While exploring the concept of connections through ball and socket style joints, Dawn Passineau has experimented with alternative ways of joining two pieces of blown glass using resists. This demonstration will explain how two parts can retain their independence while also forming a lasting bond of interdependence.
Nanda.jpg  Nanda Soderberg, Transforming Found and Recycled Glass in the Hotshop
Soderberg will be using found and recycled glass (sourced locally near the Chrysler Museum) in the hotshop to create new objects. Found glass items range from things commonly seen on the streets and in thrift stores.
Tecosky.jpg Leo Tecosky, Atypical Typography
An investigation of stylized typographical objects through glassblowing and hot glass sculpting techniques. 

Dave Walters, Stretching the Canvas


Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen, Live Your Passion!  
Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen plans to create a Leucistic Peacock in full courtship display, full of detail and attitude. She will utilize and maximize the equipment, space, and time to set the tone for two-plus teams working together to bring this bird to life. The emphasis will be on the celebration of teamwork and glass.


Presentations by Day

Subject to change. 


Thursday, June 1 

Cold Demo

  • 8:30am - Heather Hartle, Contemporary Cameo Glass Informed by the Masters
  • 10:30am - Nathan Gorman, Sand Carving through Hollow Forms

Hot Demo

  • 8:30am – Grant Garmezy, Hot Sculpting with multiple Components • John Miller, Max It Out • Nanda Soderberg, Transforming Found and Recycled Glass in the Hotshop
  • 10:30am – Thor Bueno, Way too hot and way too fast • Richard Jolley, Idea to Actualization • Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen, Live Your Passion!

Flame Demo

  • 8:30am - Daniel Benway, Flameworking with Borosilicate Murrine
  • 10:30am - 2 Stroke, Glass Pipes and Pipe Culture

Lectures and Workshops 

  • 12:30pm - Professional Development Workshop: Marcy Horwitz, Because That’s Where the Money Is
  • 2:45pm - Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture: Joyce J. Scott, Thanks, Wait, Are You Sure?
  • 4:00pm - Keynote Address: Mark Dion, Adventures in the Culture of Nature


  • 9:00pm - Scott Darlington, Tweezer Venus • Hannah Kirkpatrick, From Pinhole to Pixel • UNBREAKABLE organized by Nkosi Barber, UNBREAKABLE REMIX: Youth Speak Glass

FRIDAY, June 2


  • 8:30am – Bandhu Dunham, Kinetic Glass as Performative Object • Ryan Tanner, Cameo Engraving with Hand Tools
  • 10:30am - TBD • Ione Thorkelsson, There’s No App for That: An Approach to Flexible Free-Form Kilncasting 

Cold Demo

  • 8:30am and 10:30am - Jan Janecký, Jaroslav Šára, and Michal Vlček, Kolektiv: Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Hot Demo

  • 8:30am - Jen Elek, Blown Glass Constructing Inside the Annealing Oven • Jamestown Glassblowers, Glass in the New World • Leo Tecosky, Atypical Typography
  • 10:30am - Mitchell Gaudet, Fertility • Dante Marioni, Glassblowing • Dawn Passineau, Interdependent Connections

Flame Demo

  • 8:30am - Beccy Feather, Boro Brain Freeze
  • 10:30am - Zach Puchowitz, Body Parts

Lectures and Panels

  • 1:30pm - Willson Panel: Claire Oliver (moderator), Donna Davies, Dr. Matthew McLendon, and Laurence Sibrack, So What if It’s Glass: Rebranding a Medium
  • 3:15pm - Littleton Lecture: Hank Adams • Karen Donnellan and Suzanne Peck, Blow Harder: An Exploration of Language, Sexuality, and Gender in the Glassblowing Studio
  • 4:30pm – Green Panel: Tracy Kirchmann (moderator), Rebeccah Byer, and Timm Muth, Green Fuel for Social Practice: Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship in the South • Labino Lecture: Dr. John Mather, Seeing Our History and Our Future with Glass: Four Centuries of Mysteries


  • 9:00pm - Eddie Bernard, An Evening of Magic with Eddie “The Great Flambeau” Bernard • Bylta, Sending • Flock the Optic, The Psycho Cycle Migration Experience: A Journey with the Flock • Amy Lemaire, Amanda Patenaude, and Rachel Rader, The Ancient Truth Investigators



  • 8:30am - Hidetoshi Namiki and Yasuko Fujii, The Kirikane Technique on Hellenistic Gold Sandwich Glass • Wayne Strattman, Beyond Neon: Lit Glass Sculpture!
  • 10:30am - Marta Klonowska • Avery Shaffer, Abel Valerie is a Whore for Likes

Cold Demo

  • 8:30am - Matthew Fine, Great Casting…Now What
  • 10:30am - Luisa Restrepo, Through the Looking Glass

Hot Demo

  • 8:30am - Clare Belfrage, Nature from Close Up • Gary Bodker, Fourth of July, in June • John Kiley, Know Your Graft
  • 10:30 am - Hank Adams, Audit • Richard Marquis, Something Easy: Maybe a Crazy Quilt Teapot, circa 1980? • Dave Walters, Stretching the Canvas

Flame Demo

  • 8:30am - Calvin Mickle
  • 10:30am - Sally Prasch, The Sound of Silica

Lectures and Panels

  • 2:00pm - Strattman Lecture: Kimberli Gant • Technology Advancing Glass (TAG) Lecture: Anna Mlasowsky, Investigating the Possibilities of Mold-less Pâte de Verre
  • 3:15pm - Saxe Emerging Artists Lecture  • Performance Panel, Ben Wright (moderator), Thor Bueno,  and Erica Rosenfeld, Performance Anxiety: A Critical Lens on Glass Performance Art


The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.