2018: Murano

May 16 - 19, 2018
Il Percorso di Vetro - The Glass Path

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The island of Murano, Italy will host the 47th annual Glass Art Society conference! The Glass Path will lead attendees through the winding path of the island’s remarkable history while exploring the future of glass and discovering the hidden routes connecting the conference venues. A selection of Murano’s glass factories and studios will provide the Glass Art Society with the incredible opportunity to use these facilities as venues for the conference. Attendees will also partake in highly anticipated GAS conference programs including glass demonstrations and lectures on inspiring glass topics, and also enjoy special programming unique to Murano while surrounded by the beauty of the region of Venice.


MURANO CONFERENCE REGISTRATION UPDATE:  Last week was busy for GAS! Registration day was a whirlwind of never-ending phone calls. Most tours filled up quickly—if you are unable to get into a tour on the registration page, it is fullwe’ve started wait lists for those interested in being notified of openings on any of the sold-out tours. Please contact info@glassart.org if you’d like to be added to a list.

We realize it’s frustrating for some who waited to register, but don’t fret, while you might not be able to do everything, there is still much to keep you busy in Murano. There will be more than 100 glass artists from around the world who will be doing demos and lectures on inspiring glass topics. More than a thousand of your colleagues and peers will all be in one place to celebrate the beauty and history of glass.
The San Pietro Area will be the place to be—the central meeting hub—it’s a space that offers a chance for attendees to gather and network, eat and drink, and see some amazing demos. Opening ceremonies will give people a chance to honor our 2018 award winners and remember some who are no longer with us, closing ceremonies will be special—a chance for attendees to line the canals and see the glass fashion show as models takefloat on colorful gondolas. This is a once in a lifetime conference for GAS, Murano is a place that will connect us to both the past and future of glass and take us on—Il Percorso Di Vetro, The Glass Path.
Grazie Mille for your patience and know that there is much to keep you busy in beautiful Murano!

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GAS has negotiated a discount rate with Delta on flights to the Venice International Airport (VCE). Reservations and ticketing are available via www.delta.com/meeting. Select “Book Your Flight” and enter the meeting code NMQTE in the box provided. Or call Delta at 800.328.1111 (fee will apply). Please note, discounts are applicable to US/Canada originating passengers only.


The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.