2018 Murano Registration Update

January 2, 2018


Dear GAS Members,

I realize that many of you are excited to start planning your trip to our conference Il Percorso di Vetro, The Glass Path May 16-19 in Murano, Italy. We are anticipating an amazing event.

As you can imagine, coordinating a project overseas can create certain challenges with language and systems. There are many components in planning that require us to do things differently. Add to that the holiday season in the middle of preparation and the result is a delay of the brochure and the opening of registration.

Final details on some events and registration are some of those components. The Italian government requires us to charge Value Added Tax (VAT) to our activities in Italy. This has created a challenge for our normal registration process and a change to the software we use. As such, we will be unable to open registration on January 3. We apologize for any difficulties this may cause you. 

We are now changing the opening of Registration for the Murano GAS Conference to

January 9 at 12 a.m. PST.


Early bird registration will be $325 USD + $71 USD VAT= $396 USD TOTAL. Tours and special events will be an additional fee.

In addition, we are awaiting confirmation on the block of hotel rooms that we have reserved on the island of Murano. We will be releasing the GAS hotel information later this week. Costs for the host hotel range from 250-450. However, the number of rooms available is limited.

In the meantime, we do have some details we feel may be useful as you begin to plan your trip (see below).

Murano and Venice are walking cities – be prepared for cobblestone streets, uneven surfaces and lots of bridges and unavoidable stairs. Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the city and buildings, the Glass Art Society is unable to provide accommodations for attendees with mobility issues for this conference.

Despite these challenges, we know that once the doors open to this event, your time in Murano will be magical. We hope that you will be patient as we iron out some of the bumps in the process. Grazie Mille!




Pamela Figenshow Koss

Executive Director

Glass Art Society






Delta Airlines

Discounts applicable to US/Canada originating passengers only. Additional fees may apply. Discount on flights to Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE). Reservations and ticketing are available via www.delta.com/meeting

Select BOOK YOUR FLIGHT and enter the meeting code NMQTE in the box provided. Or call Delta at 800-328-1111.



Alilaguna Vaporettto/Boats

Murano is easy and relatively inexpensive to reach via boat from Venice airport. Alilaguna’s airport water buses serve various stops on the island.

If you are having trouble, you can also go to the Alilaguna ticket booth at the airport, show them the location of your hotel on a map, and let the ticket clerk help you to decide which boat you need to catch. Remember to validate your ticket before boarding the boat. For more information, go to www.alilaguna.it



When booking lodging outside of Murano, keep in mind you will need to take a vaporetto (boat) to get to the island every morning. This will take some planning on your part.

The Cannaregio District in Venice is the closest district to the Fondamente Nove stop in Venice where GAS will run its special shuttles to the Faro Vaporetto Stop on Murano during the conference. The GAS shuttles included in your conference pass are not a normal part of the Italian Vaporetto service, be sure to look for GAS signage, these specially reserved boats will run Wednesday through Saturday.

Where you book your hotel matters if you want to get to Murano via the short way or long way.  There are many things to take into consideration including:

  • Amount of time it will take to get from hotel to Murano via vaporetto/boat
  • Boat dock you choose to use for departure to Murano (REMINDER: Specially reserved GAS boats will be leaving from Fondamente Nove Stop in Venice ONLY.)
  • Boat schedules and crowds—there is a rush hour in Venice—especially early mornings and mid-afternoon.
  • How many GAS events you plan on attending and what time they end (vaporettos/boats do not run as frequently in the evenings.)






If you are staying outside Murano or the Cannaregio District, prior to booking your hotel, you may want to check on Google Maps to see how long it will take you to travel to Murano from where your hotel or lodging is located and where the boat dock is in relation to this lodging.  To do this, go to www.googlemaps






Murano is a series of small islands connected by bridges and waterways. The 2018 GAS conference venues are all located within a one-mile radius and walkable for most attendees. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the historic nature of the island and buildings, the GAS conference is unable to accommodate people with mobility issues.)

There are no land taxis on the island of Murano or Venice. GAS vaporettos (boats) shuttle and operate on a regular basis from Fondamente Nove Vaporetto Stop in Venice to the Faro Vaporetto Stop on Murano. The trip takes roughly 15-20 minutes.



GAS will have designated boats leaving from Fondamente Nove Vaporetto Stop in Venice traveling to Murano. GAS PASSES WILL NOT WORK ON BOATS THAT DO NOT HAVE OUR SIGNAGE ON THEM. If you are purchasing tickets that leave from somewhere besides Fondamente Nove, you will need to purchase tickets in advance and validate them before boarding, you can be fined for not validating your ticket prior to boarding.





Public vaporetto/boats are operated by ACTV, the local transit authority. To ride them you need a single fare ticket or a tourist travel card (good for one to seven days). For the most part, the vaporetto/boats run continuously, however, during evening hours they do not run as frequently. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must validate your ticket prior to boarding the boat. Look for the white electronic card or ticket readers near the walkway that leads to the platform. Hold your card/ticket within 6 cm and wait until you see a green light and hear a beep.

To purchase tickets, you will need to find a biglietteria or ticket point—these will be called either ACTV or Hellovenezia ticket office. Touch-screen machines are also available in many of the ACTV locations if you feel comfortable purchasing without assistance.

You must have a valid ticket or tourist travel card before boarding a boat, if you do not, you can incur a large fine and some embarrassment. Do not wait until an inspector asks for your ticket, or you will be hit with a full fare PLUS a 60€ fine.

For more information, go to http://actv.avmspa.it/en



Water taxis are the limousines of Venice. They are very expensive; a trip can cost upwards of 70€-150€. But, if you’re looking to splurge-their spacious leather upholstered cabins, open-air seating and private captains are a treat if you want to spend the money.

Water taxis hold up to 10 people—so if you are splitting the cost with family or friends—it might be more reasonable.

Murano and Venice are walking cities – be prepared for cobblestone streets and uneven surfaces. Unfortunately, due to the historic nature of the city and buildings, the Glass Art Society is unable to provide accommodations for attendees with mobility issues for this conference.

The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.