Board of Directors


The Glass Art Society Board of Directors is comprised of 2/3rds practicing artists, as dictated by the by-laws, and such factors as geography, medium, skill set, and current position in the glass community are considered to maintain a well-rounded and balanced group.

OFFICERS: PRESIDENT - Cassandra StraubingVICE PRESIDENT - Stephen Powell • VICE PRESIDENT - Natali Rodrigues  • TREASURER - Roger MacPherson •  SECRETARY - Tracy Kirchmann GENERAL BOARD: Alex BernsteinKelly ConwayMatt Durran • Michael Hernandez • Jessica Julius • Ed KirshnerJeff Lindsay • Marc PetrovicCharlotte PotterLynn Read • Masahiro Nick SasakiJan SmithDavid WillisStudent Representative - Emily Kuchenbecker
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   Cassandra Straubing - PRESIDENT
CassandraStraubing_portrait_web.jpg      Shirt_3_Detail_2.jpg
  Stephen Powell - VICE PRESIDENT
StephenRolfePowell-Portrait-300dpi.jpeg      StephenRolfePowell-AEI-LasciviousTorridCleavage.jpeg
   Natali Rodrigues - VICE PRESIDENT
NataliRodrigues-portrait.jpg    NataliRodriguesWork.jpeg
   Roger MacPherson - TREASURER
RogerMacPherson_portrait_web.jpg      RogerMacPherson_casting.jpg
   Tracy Kirchmann - SECRETARY
   Alex Bernstein
AlexBernsteinStudioPortrait.jpg      AlexBernstein_muse.jpg
   Kelly Conway
Matt_Durran-Portrait.jpg      MattDurran-nose_mouldings_-2012_-detail-glass_slumping-.JPG
    Michael Hernandez
    Jessica Julius
    Ed Kirshner
EdKirshner_portrait_web.jpg      EdKirshner_VasewithCupofChaos_on_web.jpg
JeffLindsay-PortraitUnderArch.jpg      JeffLindsay-CuttingEdgeTools.jpg

MarcPetrovic-Portrait.jpeg      MarcPetrovic-AvianPair.jpg
CharlottePotter-Portrait_headshot.jpg      CharlottePotter-Armor_1.jpg
Lynn_Read-web.jpg      Lynn_Read_Piece-web.jpg
MasahiroNickSasaki_-_portrait.JPG      MasahiroNickSasaki-RINKAI-1213.JPG

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The Glass Art Society reserves the right to deny applications for Technical Display, advertising participation, GAS membership or the conference from anyone for any reason.