Oasis 2006

Gallery Hop Oasis Event

As you explore the Gallery Hop on Friday, June 16 from 6-10 p.m., don’t miss the Oasis at Third Degree Glass Factory (5200 Delmar, http://www.stlglass.com/).

Come and watch artists and industry sponsors collaborate to create exciting and memorable demonstrations of glass techniques through the ages using furnace, kiln, and torch. Demonstrators include Hans Ittig, Sam Drumgoole, Jason Harris, Marc VandenBerg, Matt Eskuche, and Carmen Lozar. Industry sponsors include Skutt Kilns, Coatings by Sandberg, Uroboros Glass, and Winship Designs.

Glass artist Hans Ittig from Germany, Sam Drumgoole from Ohio, and Jason Harris from Oregon will be demonstrating their Roll Up, involving warm, hot, and cold methods all in unison. The Roll Up is a technique for blowing glass without a furnace of molten glass; all that is required is a glory hole and a kiln. The Roll Up team will be using 96 COE material provided by the System 96 partners: Uroboros Glass, Spectrum Glass and Coatings by Sandberg. These partners are excited about their pallet and range of applications and will be on hand to discuss and answer questions about System 96’ versatility, quality, and matrix of possibilities.

Marc VandenBerg, Matt Eskuche, Carmen Lozar will be providing flameworking demonstrations. At the time of this printing, there is talk of a demonstration using an old lampworking set up, complete with a foot pump bellows and an oil lamp for working soft glass. Even if the torch demonstration foregoes the pig’s bladder bellows and relies on a more contemporary approach using oxy propane burners and 33 COE glass, these three artists will certainly provide an exciting and entertaining performance. Ms Lozar is also considering some assistance from ISU students for her demonstration.

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